Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Idiotic line

How stupid can a company be?

I can tell you, very very very stupid.

It was one fine day when I was minding my own business surfing the net happily. Then suddenly! I got a mail. The sender is from bizsurf. How odd, before sending it to my junk mail, I clicked on it.

For those who don't know what is Bizsurf, it is a centralised broadband service that I use when I was staying in my condo in PJ, Advantage is, I don't have to apply a phone line of my own like streamyx.

Up pop this message,

WTF? Payment? What payment??

Okay, by now you must be confused. How would a sweet young thing like me be sooo irresponsible and owe some company money? Let my explain.

Up till the month of May, I have stayed in a nice little condo in PJ which name I prefer to remain anonymous. But came the day where I decide to quit my job and move back to Melaka after much persuasions and decisions made. So before packing all the things and after informing my then employer and house owner, I called the broadband company who have been handling my internet service at the comfort of my room to inform them that I want to cancel the service because I was moving out.

Their internet service has always been swell, except for a minor defect that I always find annoying. They have the LOUSIEST payment system ever! How do you pay each month? You have to go to the ATM machine and bank in RM60 to them each month.

And because banking method like this don't have syndication of the source of the money, I need to call up their account department to inform one of their people that I have bank in the cash at what time to which bank account of theirs. Stupid or not?!

I mean, what kind of payment system is it!! There's even a few times where they will call me after a month that I have pay my previous month payment!! Then I have to go back and rummage through my drawer to find an old invoice to tell them that I have paid so and so ON so and so date and time. I ask you again, stupid or not??!!! Very SE-TU-PITTT right!!!

I then proceed to open the attachement on the top to check what have they written there,

What the @#$#@^@$#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RM420!!!!! How dare they!!

My first reaction and reply to them was this:

absurd, I moved out of the condo in June and had called in to cancel the service in May. RM60 deposit has been used for the payment for the month of May.


Okay, it wasn't really professional but I was still shocked by the figure RM420!!!! #$#$@!#%$@&%$

Few days later, just when I thought everything has settled, this came in.

Wa lao eh~~~ Dude, if you do not understand what is the meaning of RM60 deposit don't simply say I say I pay you guys RM60 can or not?!! Your company took RM60 from my pocket when I register for this service and tell me in the face that it is deposit for last month payment when I want to cancel the service. You forgot already is it?!

Even if I did pay, where the hell do I find the invoice number for you ah! Who the hell keep invoice paper from ATM banking machine that is of half a year ago ar!!!!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Back and in Fighting mood!

Got back from KL today and god!!! Warning to all, NEVER EVER take JEBAT express.

They are freaking long, tiring and COLD. They set their aircond to MAX power like it doesn't even cost them anything and the moment I got on the bus, I was already freezing! When I got off the bus, my hands are turning from pale white to blue and I am wearing two layers of turtle neck and shirt respectively like I just stepped out from Genting Snowhouse.

The ride took freaking 3 HOURS to reach, that's another 1 HOUR extra from normal ride! Hey, how should I know this ride takes you on a journey to all the small and tiny malay villages in Melaka before deciding to set u down at the Bus Central. They should have told me that it's a ride that'll take you everywhere before actually getting to MELAKA. Stupid idiot FAT & UGLY excessive-make-up malay lady who keep waving her big fat arm under the counter to cheat people to buy tickets from her!

Anyway~~ I haven't taken any photo or video recently and guess you guys have to continue to put up with my ramblings.

I got news returning from KL, I gain weight!!!!! NOOOOOO!!!!! This is finally the end of the world. How can I bear to live, there's no point in life. Argh~~ *hit big teddy bear*. Those people who never understand why girls are so desperate and sensitive about their weight, no wonder you guys are single >p; if you're not, you will be. *stick out tongue longer*

I want to DIET DIET DIET!!!.... *continue screaming* And I am dead serious, if I ever said I was serious before, I LIED. This time is really really really serious, I mean, I am REALLY serious! I am so serious, that if I lie, I will donate all my clothes to charities and migrate to a FAT country (definitely not france!) and live there happily ever after in a mass of fatter people that will make me look thin.

I am so serious, that from tomorrow onwards, I should just stop eating, stop drinking, stop breathing...etc. I shall go for Yoga every single day of the week from Monday onwards even il breaks every single bone in my body, which it most probably will. I will not rest until I remove all these wobbly things around my body, eek!!!!! Disgusting wobbly fat, get off me! Kill all the fat in the world. *hit Pikachu softtoy*

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Getting better

My mom is finally out of the hospital today. Though I suspect they kept something from that so that I would not worry, no matter, seeing her better makes me better.

I wish bad things dont happen to good people, and I will continue to pray that everything will turn out for the better, (I wish for the best but that would be pushing my luck)

Do you know why I love my mom so much?

Cause she gave birth to the cutest baby...


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The day that I pray

Today is the day I start looking at things differently, it is the day where every person has to face their most feared.

It is the day my mom is admitted to the hospital.

It was early morning at 7am and I didn't really get any sleep all night except for occasional naps while rushing my assignment. After finishing, I went to my parents' bedroom to see if they're awake and found my mom lying on the sofa. She was breathing difficultly.

She asked me to take her to the hospital at 10am this morning. Something was obviously not right but something in my mind screamed this was different.

I have grown up seeing two healthy parents raising me and my elder brother under the comfort of an average home. We grew up in a bungalow slightly at the border of the town of Melaka with large front and back yards. Poverty was never anything near to how I was raised and fed, but neither are we rich or wealthy. I could say I have always been to expose to a very healthy and normal and average family.

taken year 2003 - me, mom and dad

And with that, I have taken these blessings for granted since the day I was born.

I have always notice something that is slightly different between my family and the others. You see, being 22 years old, my parents are both nearing their 60's. Back in their days, getting married after 30 years old is very very late marriage, and giving birth after 33 were hardly encouraged and practised. I was born when my parents are 36, I am considered an OLD birth child.

Having parents who are entering their 60's when you just turned adult at 21 has some drawbacks. You experienced parents' menopause period earlier than anyone else, and being a teen (below 20 are teens), it is difficult for me to understand the changes that my parents are going through. Mood swings, change in behaviours, attitude, thoughts... everything came crashing down at my face; and it is very hard for me to accept these occurrance especially when these people are my parents, whom I usually perceive as mature, responsible and will never make a single fault.

With age, comes lots of sickness. High blood pressure, joints problem, diabetes, symptoms of possible heart attacks and stroke. A lot. And you will start to worry about their health, about family financial problem, about their future. You will in your every power try to be financial independent in the fastest possible way within the shortest period of time, so you could make them less worry, let them travel the world before they are incapable to travel, support them so they can retire early. Which explains why I finish degree at 20.

But I guess, I have always been naive in way, that more often that not, I always tend to ignore the fact that one of 'these days' will come hit you straight in the face. That one day, any day, your parents are going to get really sick, and the danger of extreme changes will occur in your life.

While waiting for my mom to undergo some check ups and tests, I dozed off on the seat in front of the doctor's office. I was extremely tired after a long night.

Moments later, the nurse came out and asked me to enter. Sitting there waiting for the doctor to finish with the check-ups, a thousand things ran through my mind. Tons of premonition hits my mind and I panicked on the spot. What could be the problem so serious that the nurse have to call me in?

// This section of the blog has been restracted for confidentiality. //

The rest of the day was a blur to me, I spent most of the time accompanying my mom as she was admitted to the ward. I remember getting back around 2-3pm and collapse on my bed. I remember waking up at 7pm for dinner and went out to buy some food and drinks to visit her again, while bringing a sweater and some papers to read.

Tonight, is going to be very long night, as I pray deeply that everything will be fine.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Very Frustrating Ah!!!

You know what is frustrating?


I'm so busy now that I don't have time to blog. So watch this instead...

I'm going mad! You hear me? MAD!!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Sea in the City

Ever been to KLCC Aquaria?

Having been to the largest aquarium in England, probably I would say the underwater world in Singapore is still the best by far. Of course, I have ONLY been to 3 aquariums in my life, so what better do I know? :p

But since I'm so kind and had probably ran out of idea where to bring my friends to. This would be the second time I entered the aquarium of KL.

So to make it worth while, I decided to do a bit of cam-whoring, not on myself, on the fishies.

Woo, Flying Manta~~

So cute!! Mommy, can I take her home..

The sign said"Please do not put your hands in the water", so can put your head in lo~

Now I know why they call you devil

Daddy, I want nemo..

Reading the sign -> Pineapple Fish??? Figures~

Shark Teeth!! Hehe

I also did some video shooting around the aquarium (the aquarium should pay me for shooting this ad :p), and this is what I got. Check it out~

TAGHeuer??!! What the hell?

Man, Disney Production should really asked for some product placement fee from TAG. No, that's not right, I should asked the fee from TAG! :p

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

East meets West

When it comes to comparisons between the east and the west. Culture is not the only thing that stood differently. No I'm not talking about the food and religion either.

What I'm saying are the different features we have. Even though we are humans, god seems to have granted them more prominent face contours and body shapes, not to mention height.

Believe me, how many Asians have you seen (not on porn k, I mean on the street) with incredible assests, front and back~ If Asians are skinny, they look like sticks. When caucasians are skinny, they boobs and booty still stand out like nobody's business.

Model Heidi Klum

Model Gisele Bundchen, haba haba

This is Asian Model,

Amber Chia

Man, talk about a football field~, but it doesn't mean she's any less sexier. It's just the way Asians are built. Besides, I would give anything to have that beatiful figure of hers...

I remembered a funny incident back in the UK when I was still a 19 year old degree student. We female Malaysians always have a problem when shopping for undergarments in malls. They never seem to have any size that's lower than a B/C cup, if there are, A-cup size bras have very very very little varieties in terms of designs, and B cup bras are sometimes limited as well. So what we do? We wear the same bras we brought from Malaysia for an entire year. But thanks to my height, at least I don't have to go to the petite clothing section to buy garments.

Let us move on from my rantings to East vs West face features,

This is Chris' photo,

And this is me,

Isn't that already an obvious difference! But let's do a comparison anyway~ for the sake of it

He made my face looks almost flat!!! A dull straight line!! And said that my nose looks like mon chi chi's. =.=

This is a mon chi chi ->

What?? I have monkey nose?! *straggle Chris*

Being 5ft 7inch myself, I sometimes feel that the only place that I ever felt belonged was during my study in Hull, UK. Fortunately for me, I don't feel towered when standing next to my caucasian friends. Unfortunate for my friend Wendy though.

See how short Malaysians are? Let's try that again with Wendy in the middle.

Sorry Wendy, I couldn't resist~ :p

Visits from a foreign land

ich in German language sound like ‘irkrrrrr’, whereby the rrrrr part you need to pronounce like you’re storing up spit in your throat. It means ‘I’.

If you manage to make it sound like you’re vomiting, you’re almost there.

That is probably one of the two words I learned spending the weekend with two of my Switzerland friends, the other one would be essen which means ‘eat’.

There you go, I manage to speak very short German language, ich essen - I eat. Okay~ that would probably sound like Tarzan language in German, but no matter, now I know I can survive if one day somehow I landed in Germany with no food and no one to understand to me.

A weekend with two Swiss Caucasians can sometimes be hilarious and fun, apart from the occasional language-shock (they speak German, French, Italian, English, and some other languages I’ve never heard of), introducing Malaysian culture and see how they react is priceless.

One fine example was when I tell them as-a-matter-of-factly, to get your way around Malaysia, the best way is bribery. In Switzerland, if you bribe a police, you’ll end up in jail; in Malaysia, to bribe is a must, to pretend to bribe and act poor is an act of defense. Lie your way through if you can, "Bang (‘bro’ in Malay), I have no money~ I am a student and need to survive" (while you show them your empty wallet and holding up the last of the 10 ringgit note), knowing well that you have just stuffed the rest of the RM500 under the car seat. In fact, to call it bribery is harsh; we prefer the term ‘tea money’. And ‘tea money’ ranges from as little as FOC to millions depends on the how much tea you’re offering, what type of tea and where is the tea being bought (Melaka standard tea money is RM10, KL might reach RM50). So if illegal business is your cup of tea, make sure you can afford the tea.

Of course, knowing this, I am a sad Malaysian, and would make a terrible tour guide; nevertheless, who else apart from me can you pretend to be lost and get a police escort to the bar, take them to eat probably the nicest food in KL and visit the corniest places, speak multiple languages fluently and be this cute? Huh, tell me~ Okay, maybe I was really lost, but I got an escort and you don’t. *stick out tongue*

Now, Nicole is going to teach you how to sniff tobacco, European style~

Personally, I hate smoking, I hate the smell and I don’t think I would like the taste (I never tried). Kenny told me smoking is like drinking coffee, the caffeine effect should be the same (he never tried either, -.-;;).

If this is the case, I’ll stick to chocolates; they have the same addictive effect and would probably bring as much satisfaction as tobacco would. And I especially hate people who breathes second hand smoke into your face, not only it blocks my nose, it stains my hair, big time. With the length of hair I have that is half my height, every time I go in a pub, I’ll come out with smoke filled hair that would last for days, after washing.

First, this is probably what you need,

GrovSnus, not sure what language is that?

I filmed this pretending that I was taking a photo of him, so he didn’t know anything about my real intention, hehe…

I don’t recommend people who don’t/seldom smoke to try this. But if you are a heavy smoker and can’t live without cigarettes and are inconsiderate enough to smoke in front of people with sinus problem; try out this clean effect, smoke-free. It is much stronger but is healthy for the environment. Traslation: Nicole don't like smoke, so get that smoke out of my face~!!

PS: my friend here is a very considerate and nice and friendly person ^^

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Nicolekiss has gone vlogging!

Vlogging, acronym for video blogging, has a very short history started in the late year 2000. So said, the one who started this culture was a person named Adrian Miles, his vlog entry, to me, was rather a set of pictures in motion than a video. But there you go, the first vlog in the world.

Since now I am entering my Master final term, which I so happily declare, I have to choose a topic for my graduate case study. Meaning, I have to write about an issue/subject using all sorts of ridiculous theories and useless quotations from various books that is in no relation to the real topic, to look at that issue from 720 degree perspectives that in the end seems irrelevant and might make no sense at all in order to get just a pass.

It's like when I talk about EGG, I cannot just choose the topic EGG, I need to narrow it down whether it's chicken egg, dinasour egg, ostrich egg, human egg, etc.

Let's say I choose chicken egg, then I need to say physically, the egg is not round, slightly oval, brownish, smooth surface; biologically the egg has thin shell, got egg and yellow yolk inside; historically the egg is rumoured to be hatched from chicken primarily; practically egg is used for eating, hatching little chicks, throwing at people; artistically egg is an icon for reproduction and survival; semiotically, egg means food and chicken....... You get my point, utterly useless!

So for my thesis topic, I decided to enter the Vlogosphere and experiment it inside out. Better than viewing from all angles around it, no?

Why vlog? Cause I cannot choose blog, need to narrow down my professor said, too broad he said, you need to be specific he said.. ish, I get it I get it!

I like listening to music, and since I finally got my webcam functioning well (For those of you who knows why my webcam was not functioning before, shhhhh~~~), I decided to do a bit of song miming. While in my pj, I simply recorded this down and did a bit of editing.

Title: Ocean Deep

Finally see me le~~ I know la, very ugly~ shut up.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Food Attack!!!

I woke early in the morning with the sun shining magnificently outside the window (though the clock tells me it’s already 1pm, -.- stupid clock). It was another bright and beautiful day in Singapore.


Previous night’s partying didn’t exactly leave me feeling miserable; I felt rejuvenated right after a shower. This proves that occasional partying is good for the body. (and when I meant occasional, I was saying once every half a year) It was finally time to have a look around town, so Guan Jie and I decided to head out to the busy areas of Singapore and probably catch some late breakfast. I wasn’t exactly sure where I was headed to as I just let my friend take the lead around the MRT route. I remembered going through some stop-overs by the name of “Lavender”, “Eunos”, “Bedok”, “Bugis” and “Tampine” (pronounced as ‘ten fe ni’, at first I read it as ‘tam pin’)

Human seems to move towards potential areas where they have a better chance of survival; like living near a water source, i.e. river, lake, sea, or among woods and forest where it can protect you from sun and rain; up in a tree where the animals couldn’t harm you. It applies the same in the city, we followed the crowd and so we landed in a shopping complex foodcourt.

"When you want to look for food, see where the people gather." - Nicole

Knowing me as a girl with an extreme weak point for sinful desserts, I just couldn't resist the sweet temptations. All these seductions of Singapore are driving me up the wall on an empty stomach.

Layers and layers of cakes~~ @_@

Rows and rows of muffins and brownies o.O

Columns and columns of chocolates~ *.*

I stood in awe staring through the glass panel of the cake and chocolate refrigerators while the salesgirl (or aunty) frowned at my drooling I-want-to-see-no-want-to-buy face. I ignored her completely; I only have eyes for those chocolates.

Nevertheless, I stood strong, proper meal is priority (after scratching and screaming at the glass panel while being dragged away mercilessly, Nooo~~~~).

We did end up in a restaurant later on, "New York, New York". And may I say, what a cool restaurant, like the name, its interior design fits the theme well as it is decorated with New York sceneries and styles. Even the menus look like newspapers, entitled "New York Times". Most of the lists they served are pub foods, like Friday's and Chilis, New York New York is where people gather to enjoy good American 'junk' food. Football-sized burgers, jumbo fries, gluttoning ice creams and over-sized salads.

If there's one thing really successful about their design, it has to be the Menu; I must say, they must have hired a journalist to write it, cause after reading it, I want to order EVERYTHING on the list. (note: order, not eat)

Reminds me of Jessica Simpson's quotes: “'Jessica, you want some buffalo wings?' 'Sorry I don't eat buffalo.'”

Makes me wanna order and see if it's that good, if not, complain to the Manager that this description is fraud. Still, it did MADE me wanna order.

It was not until I saw this that I became really really tempted to try and order it. (note again: order, not eat)

What~? What else can I do? It dared me~!

Then I flipped the page to look at the description of their prized burger~

2 pounds of meat?!! and just the meat?! Whoi yo, finish this and instant weight gain of 2 kg!

I wasn't joking when I said football sized burger, this is the real thing man~! 4 inches thick, my god, it's bigger than my full mouth open. It's width is wider than my face horizontally and as long as it vertically. I know, I measured it. Hey, anyone wanna order this with me??? Come we go Singapore next trip.