Outcome of Charity Dinner & Instagram Photos

Update: painting is 18x24 inch, NOT 16x20. Wrote wrongly.


So the charity dinner went great.

Well, not really.

But it was not too bad on my part. I guess.

In the end two of my paintings were sold. One you see here in this post: the first one. Due to competition between many other bidding items and lack of audiences response (bad crowd?), decided to auction two of the paintings out instead of three.

So I took back my favourite colorful 'Universe' piece (which has never been put to auction), and will be put on sale here. :)

no9 (universe)18x24 12_11
"Universe" 18x24 inch
Acrylic on Canvas

Do email me nicootan@gmail.com for the enquiry of the painting. Thanks.

no9 (universe)18x24 12_11_close up 2

Will be blogging about the charity dinner soon, together with the two pieces of art I've sold in the auction. One of which fetched a four digits. ^^ (thanks to two special guest who did the bids)

Do follow me on instagram under the username nicootan. It's an addictive app and I will be uploading lots of my photos from there.

photo 35
Trying out instagram on my phone

photo 34

Loving the special effects that made all photos so nice~

Spend some time in Singapore last Christmas and had some lovely meals, didn't do much shopping as I already most of mine a month before, mainly online from overseas sites such as Victoria Secret, Coach and Juicy Couture. *love*

photo 36
Saw these art elephants that were scattered around town. So cute. Reminded me of the art elephants in London.

photo 38
Dined at Trattoria Lafiendra (neart art gallery in Singapore). Had some really really yummy parma-ham (jamon) with buffalo mozzarella.

photo 27
Got this super awesome white truffle oil from Ben's supermarket @ Publika. It's super lovely with scramble eggs. Of course I would love to have fresh truffle, but it's hard to find them here so truffle oil would suffice for now. And it's cheaper, too.

photo 29
Trying out Ding Tea from Fahrenheit. Had strawberry yogurt, not bad. Wouldn't order it again.

photo 28
Sleepy face before bedtime (before I went to wash my face).

Speaking of sleepy.

It's been an exhausting night. Had a great conversation with someone who shared so many similar interests as me, lots of wine, good food, camwhored with two Miss Thailands, held bestie's hand through the bidding of my painting, survived through a sorta semi-successful auction :S, and was offered a trip to Bangkok absolutely for free (I wonder).

Not too shabby for one night.

Time for bed.

Nitez all.



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