Going on NTV7, again.

Just a quick update here.

photo 46

Flew back from a wondrous CNY trip in Langkawi. Max family time.

Had a lot of good food and visited couple of amazing places. Went to the Perdana Gallery and dined at Bon Ton, lovely place, so many purry furry cats! Almost tempted to sneak one of them back in my luggage.

Oh, and did a 3-hour jet ski tour which was SUPER FUN AND AMAZING! Had stupendest time on the sea riding like a maniac. Well, a controlled maniac.

Exhausted from the flight and the ride back home. Always find it so 'mafan' that one has to put up with flight time PLUS driving/ride time from the airport; as if travelling from one country to another isn't tiring enough.

So erm... Tomorrow I'm going to be on NTV7, again.
Wow. Didn't know I could say that, and so soon too.

Twice appearance on national tv within the month. This has got to be somesort of record.

Tomorrow 11am sharp, live broadcast from the studio.
Topic: something to do with paintings.

I'm going to be bringing one of my latest pieces to the studio, let's hope they'll show it on TV. :D

Catch it if you can. I'm going to try not to sit too far to the side of the TV this time (if I can help it :S) so I don't look fat on TV. Urgh~


1 kissed Nicole

  1. You didn't look fat last time ;)

    I won't be able to see you this time...gotta work! :|