New Paintings: All Odds & Universe

As promised, I got new paintings!

They're bigger in sizes this time, as some of customers kept complaining they want bigger pieces.

But then I had to start from small before taking the leap into the bigger pieces.

My latest work in progress is a massive piece of 30x40inch which I will be putting up for auction tomorrow night. Will blog about it.

Right now, here're the pieces.
They're very different pieces that gives different moods. So please don't judge or compare them together, but appreaciate them individually.

no8 (all odds)16x20 12_11
"All Odds" 16x20 inch
Acrylic on Canvas

no8 (all odds)16x20 12_11_close up

no8 (all odds)16x20 12_11_close up 2

The second one is very bold and has very rich strokes of various colors.

no9 (universe)18x24 12_11
"Universe" 18x24 inch
Acrylic on Canvas

no9 (universe)18x24 12_11_close up 2

no9 (universe)18x24 12_11_close up 3

I didn't put a price before these two pieces will be in auction tomorrow as well. But they're both below 1k each if they were put on sale here. Do write in to enquire.

If you like them and want similar (mood) painting, feel free to email me about it.

You can commission a painting with me; I can't guarantee the exact same painting (as all paintings have individuality), but I can guarantee you my style. :)


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