New Year's Eve's Look

Delayed post of New Year's Eve.

photo 22

Had NYE dinner with two families (none of which are mine, such a bad daugther :/ ) in a Japanese restaurant.

Didn't take as many photos since it wasn't wild or anything like that.

Just simple sit downs and welcoming the new year. And seeing a bunch of new acquaitances got drunk before, during and after count down in a dodgy bar in a dodgy hotel, surrounded by old patrons of the hotels. LOL.

In fact, the ending of 2011 was a bit of a bummer (ok fine, it was a mega bummer).
Got cheated off RM15k from a scoundrel named Johnny Wong (I hope your kids grew up abadoning you), who used to own a travel agency in Bangsar but then shut down and whole family ran away with everyone's money (estimated to be in millions, since there's more than a hundred cases and my single case is already RM15k!); surprised that it wasn't even in the newspaper; makes you wonder what on earth are our police force doing with our tax money. Drinking lots of teh tarik, no doubt.

Anyway, cried for two days yada yada, lost a two-week year-end trip to Japan which included a ski resort holiday in Hokkaido, etc etc. Not going to drag this out, got over it so let's move on.

My look for New Year's Eve was a simple little black dress I got from Victoria's Secret online. ^^

photo 30

photo 21

photo 18

photo 16

Dress: Victoria's Secret
Heels: Miss Sixty (ps: most exp pair of heels ever own, 4 digits)
Butterfly Ring: Bangkok
Pearl Diamante Earrings: Somewhere, can't remember.


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