Ivanka Trump Shoes

photo 56

Finally, an interview that went well.

Will try to post some photos from the studio when I get them up from my phone.

Though Wendy told me that I look shit on TV, which I agree.

Something about the lighting making my face as flat as kansas plain.

Anyway my latest sin is a pair of Ivanka Trump shoes from the US. It came in the mail along with my other buys but because it was in a huge box and came via the EMS, I got taxed RM92 for my own clothing purchase. WTF?

photo 31

Then again, it's such a gorgeous pair, it's totally worth it.

photo 32

It's definitely meant for red carpet moment only, since the entire bottom are made of suede and will destroy instantly if worn on tar road, or cobble road; anything that's not completely flat and carpetry.

Talk about impracticality. Still~

Anyone want to invite me to a red carpet function anytime soon? :p


5 kissed Nicole

  1. so nice..love it!
    don't forget to wear it to red carpet funtion,then show us the photo..hehe :)

  2. OMG.. not even on tar roads??

  3. Wow, pretty...definitely pretty.

    Um...you could wear it at home :P Make your own red-carpet function!

  4. Cute close-up picture. I really like your blog, you update it frequently and you always post cute pics of yourself.


  5. nice photo. are you busy with some project right now?