Charity Dinner - Auction & Art

Miss Thailand 2007 with a Lawless dinner bag for auction

The charity dinner held a week ago was a success, albeit the minor hiccups here and there.

Two Miss Thailands (of 2004 & 2007) flew in to attend the private event at Mikan in KL.


The dinner cost RM500 per pax (since it was a charity event) where most proceeds went to aid the flood victims in Thailand.


I was seated next to the two very hot (and tall) beauty queens together with my bestie whom I invited along.

that's me looking at photos on my phone with Wendy

Both the Miss Thailands were super friendly. I took quite a bit of photos of them and with them.

photo 3
pretty or not

They even let me played with their crowns. Or tiaras. Whichever.

And they were massively HEAVY! They told they were getting a headache from wearing them for too long. @_@

photo 9
heavy stuff

Miss Thailand 2007's head was so small, the crown wouldn't fit onto my head. T_T #Igotbighead

photo 28
had to hold onto the crown to take this pic, damn hard to balance phone and crown at the same time

photo 11
Wendy also had a go, lol. Actually I forced the crown on her to take this pic. :p

Then I posted on instagram asking people to indentify the fakes with this photo. lolol

photo 30

I amuse myself sometimes.

Dinner that night was an impressive Japanese fine cuisine. With top ingredients like foie gras, wagyu and monk fish liver.

photo 7

photo 8
freshest sashimi

photo 14
head chef Machi working his charm on those delicious wagyu


wagyu fried rice for the still-hungrys

The auction started when dinner was finished (because we have to move to another area in order for everyone to gather into the same space). Raj being the emcee of the night. Looking good in a suit.


Two batik pieces were the first to go up, which needed a bit probbing to get it up to RM1000 bid.
But then the winner of the bid later threw another piece out to re-auction for the purpose of raising more funds. Such noble act.

It's a bit sad that few datuks and couple of tan sris've left the scene by the time the auction started, they could have contributed during the auction which would helped raise more funds.

My little piece of art went out too. Managed to call for RM800.

Well, can't ask for much; it is a little small.

By now it was a little apparent that the crowd was of the more reserved batch. Because the bags, batiks and artsy stuff didn't go out well, but the champagne managed to fetch a RM1500 for what was retailing in store at RM500 -.-.


By the time the lions got out, they were in thousands. =___=

There were also very supportive bidders who bid for the sake of charity. Two all-inclusive 3d2n Koh Samui trips were let go at RM2000++ each!

My grand piece came last because I requested the reserve to start at RM3000; the highest of all auction items.


But seeing the response of the crowd (or there lack of), the organisers decided to lower the calling price.

The piece finally went out at RM2100.

Thanks mr. kind man (orange shirt) for bidding for my art. #grateful

Though both of my art bidders did a trade in the end so the person who got this piece, named 'Crazy Art', was not the person in this photo. After the event, he then secretly told me this was the cheapest piece of art he has ever owned.

Damnit should have priced it higher. :p jk I'm happy with the result.


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  1. Congratulations...
    Your painting is very nice... I wish i'm there... hahahaha