Free time with a SLR

This is what happen when you have a friend who keep dodging your attempt to have photo of him/her.

someone 1

someone 3

someone 4
*complete dodge*


The best shot of him/her with me (refused to be identified) was this.

me and someone

WTF x 2.

Stop glaring at my fringe/bang. This photo was taken last year in July.

A bunch of friends and I went on a diving trip to Sipadan (second time!!) and I was still stuck in my atrocious haircut then. Then, I was already an advanced diver. And gonna take my rescue course soon. *ngek ngek*

Am actually compiling the photos so I can blog about them in my next post.

In the mean time, this is what I do (did) when I'm (was) waiting for food (or for anything really) and have (had) a SLR 500D in my hand (sometimes it's a 50D, depends).

side profile

(Right, as for the bun. I have to improvise with my short bangs right? So I opted for a Japanese bun when I'm too lazy to mane my hair. )

japanese bun 15
almighty bun!

Anyway, back to waiting for my breakfast.

japanese bun 1
normal profile

japanese bun 2
other side of normal profile

japanese bun 3
front profile

japanese bun 4
looking sideways up

japanese bun 5

japanese bun 6

japanese bun 7
*pout (advanced)*

me and gerald
best friend joined in while waiting for his food, lol

japanese bun 8
side ways looking forward

japanese bun 9
cheeky tongue grin

japanese bun 10
pointy pout

japanese bun 11
white backdrop

japanese bun 12

japanese bun 13
angle top down view

japanese bun 14
waiting, not for food, but to er.. get to destination.


Instead of freakin', they call it Freekin' Sale. Cute.
What can you do, it's Malaysia right?

50% off call.
50% off downloads.
And Free Black Blackberry Access.

I think there's something about subscribing RM2.50 Blackberry Advance 2.5G unlimited data per day plan for five weekdays and get the weekend's subscriptions free.

Wanna know what it's all about. Go to their Big Freekin' Sale site.

I like the catch phrase though - Sale, on mobile service fee. Nice.

Like the photo too. Two mannequin sitting next to each other like it's a retail sale.

is that girl holding a coach? *squint* doesn't look like a coach. ermm...

ps// Refer to the current channel X website for available and latest content.


Speaking of mannequins, there's this BMW billboard ad in Bridgeport, Connecticut that used mannequin as a ad props on a large billboard.

Nothing special right? But the funny thing was quite several residents in Bridgeport called the police to report attempted suicide when they drive through this board.

Really~ -.-

Well apparently the police has asked BMW to kindly remove the mannequins, and to no surprise, they refused.

Like duh~! It's a great publicity stunt! Unexpected, but great publicity coverage! Haha.. Now people are writing about it. People, er... like me. :p

Source from Enginelounge. Click for more photos of similar billboards ad by BMW.


10 kissed Nicole

  1. Love your Japanese bun! I recently joined flickr, and I posted a couple comments on your account over there. Hope you don't mind.

    I can't believe people thought that was an attempted suicide. I mean, at first glance, okay sure, but after reading the's obvious it's a mannequin. READ the damn text! "From up here, I..." haha.

  2. camwhore with dslr. i haven't try it before. wait till i own one of those

  3. Ha ha, camera shy friend!

  4. This girl look like u nicole,,hehe...
    she's one of my senior:

  5. nicole, i love the way you tie your hair !! nice...

    look sweet..

    like eyriqazz said, you do look a lil tired.. take care and rest well..

    especially now is the sick season...

  6. Ahha, ohh, wow, you camwhore a lot.

    It's so hard to do that with an SLR.

    Saluteee! :)

  7. There is also an advertisement in malaysia using mannequin as the prop. The Milo billboard can be seen at the Damansara Exit tol through the flyover. But Milo's mannequin was ready to jump! go check it out!

  8. A wow advertisement.

  9. what is the name of that girl flashing peace sign while u check in (sipidan).