Blackmores Collagen Review

This is going to be a long post. Because I am doing a proper review, so read on if you are interested in taking collagen or are already taking them but want to know how Blackmores Collagen fare in comparison to the other brands.

I have always strongly believed in taking supplements to keep ourselves looking youthful and radiant. Years ago I started taking collagen, initially in bottle form, not going to name the brand here but basically it wasn’t before long that I couldn’t handle the sweetness to be consumed on a daily basis over a long period of time. And I have a sweet tooth. That was why I had to throw half a year of supply away because I was procrastinating drinking it for so long that they all expired eventually. T_T

Few years down the road, I started taking collagen in its pure powder form (imported). I thought it was a brilliant idea, save for the fact that collagen is rather fishy on its own, so I would mix it with my breakfast (cereals, milo, juice). However, that lasted for a year and soon the habit died off because frankly I’m not really a breakfast person and the powder does change the taste of my milo. Three bags of premium quality collagen expired eventually. T___T

When I was offered Blackmores Collagen to try, I thought, why not, wouldn’t hurt to try.
And I was pleasantly surprised by how nice the taste was. It wasn’t super sweet, nor super sour like the other brands I’ve tasted, it was just nice. 

While I’m not an expert on the science of food, these are my thoughts based on my knowledge on collagen drinks: products with no preservatives would have to resort to natural ingredients that has preservative characteristics; such as honey, sugar, or Vitamin E, or citric acid, etc. Sugar is the cheapest, and you would have to put a LOT of sugar to have a shelf-life of 1-2 years. Which would result in an extremely sweet concoction; i.e. my first bottled collagen experience. But too much on other ingredients won’t cover the fishy taste and/or will result in a rather sourish taste. And an unpleasant taste is difficult to consume over a long period of time.

I love how Blackmores uses more expensive ingredients such as grape seed extract, Vitamin E, citric acid to aid in natural preservation and maintain a balanced flavor on top of sugar instead of abusing  a single main ingredient (which could result in the drink being either too sweet or too sour or too fishy).

The second thing I love about the Blackmores Collagen was that it uses 10,000mg of collagen, a significant higher content of collagen than many other brands out there, but has better execution of ingredients (to preserve and cover the fishy taste) than other brands that use the equal amount of collagen.

A person needs a daily dose of 5,000mg of collagen a day, and at 10,000 mg it is sound advice to tell you to drink it once every two days. While I’ve seen other collagen brands with 10,000mg asking their consumers to drink it once every three days so to make it seem more worthwhile if you were to drink it monthly.
Again, this review is based entirely on my understanding on collagen and view of different types of collagen I have taken so far.

For me, this is a good product. Priced at RM159 for 10 bottles in a box which is affordable but definitely worth setting aside a budget for should you be serious about maintaining your youthful looks.

Blackmores Collagen 10,000mg is available in major pharmacies and Blackmores Concept Store (Klang Valley has one in Mid Valley, Queensbay Mall for Penang & Permaisuri Imperial City Mall in Miri, Sarawak). 

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