Here are the good stuff!

First of all, I've finally gotten my butt out of Paris, after being stuck there for two more days (for shame) due to snow and all the flights were cancelled. Thank god the airline booked us into a hotel for two nights and took care of our meal for two straight days.

That's a lot of feeding. Burp.

Overall my baby missed his flight home from London so now he has to find alternative to go home because the airline company refused to...

(obviously it's from an Asian country since they're simply not considerate at all when it comes to foreign weather that's causing many cancellation on other flights hence missing their flights *COUGHMASCOUGH*)

... compromise on changing the flight schedule but quoted an insane price of 2800 POUNDS for a one way trip home.

Now there are 6 inch of thick snow in London and it's causing a lot of transportation problems all over the country, even the hypermarkets are running low on stocks.

But as promised, I said I would post up photos of the Gucci bags I bought from Paris and now here they are!

In fact, I am considering selling some of them even! Hehe...

First, the Gucci Wristlet Gold GG lame fabric with D-ring design.

gucci wristlet gold GG lame fabric D-ring with flash
with flash

gucci wristlet gold GG lame fabric D-ring front
without flash

gucci wristlet gold GG lame fabric D-ring back

I like this wristlet, it's very classy and great as a dinner clutch. It has card slots inside for you to put your credit cards and IC, a phone, a lipstick and mascara, and some cash for easy carry.

You can leave your handbag at home and don't have to ask your bf to carry your IC card anymore.

gucci wristlet gold GG lame fabric D-ring

Retailed at 270 euro.

gucci wristlet  D-ring
Gucci logo on the D-ring

gucci wristlet gold GG lame fabric D-ring inside
six card slots inside the wristlet

gucci wristlet gold GG lame fabric D-ring code
Gucci authenticity code

I also got a lady's Cruise Wallet GG fabric.

Totally adore the glittery gold and black snap closure. It's small and so very lady-like. Adore it. Goes well with my brand new Gucci Indy Bag (will show you in a bit).

Gucci cruise wallet GG fabric 2

Retailed at 235 euro.

Gucci cruise wallet GG fabric
engraved Gucci script logo

Gucci cruise wallet GG fabric and card
ten card slots

Gucci cruise wallet GG fabric inside
one bill compartment

Gucci cruise wallet GG fabric code
Gucci authenticity code

holding Gucci cruise wallet GG fabric

Now, move on to something more expensive.

The Hysteria Clutch (Large).

gucci hysteria clutch

This bag retailed at 795 euro.

I decided to use flash for all the shots for this bag because it shows the real color of the clutch more accurately.

gucci hysteria clutch flash

gucci hysteria clutch back

gucci hysteria clutch inside
ooo... LOVE the interior design

gucci hysteria clutch code
authenticity code

gucci hysteria clutch and cards
comes with dust bag and all the cards

It has a wrist-let in case you want to swing your bag around :p. It's considered a clutch despite its size, hence Large size. I thought this bag was uber posh, it shouts at people and for people who wants a brand to stand out, this shouts alright.

I mean, the size of it states that you can afford a pricier dinner clutch (though it can be a day bag too, tuck it under your arm while you grab a Starbucks and paper). Not to mention it's three times more expensive than the dinner wristlet earlier.

holding gucci hysteria clutch

Now for my proudest purchase - Gucci Indy Bag.

gucci indy bag

Totally love this one!!!!

gucci indy bag 2

The wooden handle with the Gucci engraved metal piece is divine.

gucci indy bag handle

So pretty to carry by the handle.

gucci indy bag by handle

There's also a sling.

gucci indy bag back

Which you can carry it like this.

gucci indy bag by sling

gucci indy bag by sling 2

gucci indy bag whip
two whips to whip your ass!! Wat-cha!

gucci indy bag cards

gucci indy bag inside

gucci indy bag code

gucci indy bag 3
comes with dust bag.

Now for the price~ jeng jeng jeng~

It retailed at 1700 euro!!


In Malaysia, if I'm not mistaken, they're selling at around 10k ringgit for this bag, pricier than the price in Paris.

I'm intending to keep this, cause I love it TOO MUCH.

Actually, I want to keep them all!

But my baby the wise said I should sell some of them off because I don't need so many bags so here it goes~ (we bought on an impulse, ok?)

I'm thinking of letting go the Gucci Gold GG Wristlet (cause honestly, I do need a wallet since I don't have a Gucci wallet).

gucci wristlet gold GG lame fabric D-ring

Though how can you make a decision between a wristlet and a wallet?! They serve different purposes!! And the wristlet is. just. so. divine!!! ARGH! (Baby can I keep both?)

So Gucci Wristlet Gold GG lame fabric is now selling at RM950.
(original price: RM1400~1600 in Msia)
Brand new.

As for the big boys, I decided to let Hysteria Clutch go.

holding gucci hysteria clutch

So Gucci Hysteria Clutch (Large), selling for RM3100.
(original price: RM4200~4600 in Msia)
Brand New.
Comes with dust bag and cards.

If you're interested and keen on buying or have an offer to make, email me at
Serious buyer only.

ps// you can even make an offer on the other two bags and I'll see if the price is attractive enough for me to let them go or not. Hehe...


13 kissed Nicole

  1. these Guccis are much more classier than those that I've seen before in Malaysia. hmm...

  2. Eh... the indie bag damn abusive one lor. The bead to hold the whip always knock me, be it my hand or my head. For some reason can get blue black one. Be careful of yours.

  3. Did you pay or your bf paid? I never knew you could be so rich spending so much money on useless bag that will go out of season...haihz..

  4. lol.. why did u bought em in the first place, Nic? was it because it was sooo tempting? lol

    best of luck in your sales!!

    I also got 2 Coach Carly hobo looking for new buyers..phew~

  5. designer stuff is always expensive. not much of jealousy since coz man usually doesn't care.

  6. Gucci handbag is one of the most famous luxuries all over the world for their high quality and classic style. On the other hand, owning such an item would really show more of your personality and style. What's more, it can up your taste. Therefore, the price of Gucci handbags are very high, so many people can't go for it.

  7. FYI,Gucci bags doesnt have high resale value unfortunately

  8. earn n spend ur own money instead of others

  9. LOVE the white Gucci Clutch!
    How much did everything cost!!! Sure do look very pricey indeed lol.

  10. @ Anonymous: Clearly do not understand your problem. Why does it concern you so much if she paid or her bf paid? its not like they are using your money. and who are you to judge its useless? not like she's giving it to you. she's using it for her own so she and she alone has the right to say if it is useless or not.

  11. hey girl. i'm interested in ur Gucci Wristlet Gold GG lame fabric!

    bank in to you and you send to me or hows the procedure?? =)
    contact with :

  12. hello
    is the gucci hysteria clutch still for sale?
    anja larsen, denmark

  13. hello
    is the gucci hysteria clutch still for sale?
    regards from anja