time to leave london

i know i know.

i've gone disappeared again.

what can i do. it's my last day and we were out all over town rushing to do my one final big purchase.

think. 3.G.S.


anyway, i'm using my uncle's iMac now and the portable keyboard is a dream to type on, unlike the laptop one. it's so smooth to type on. the magic mouse is also very surprisingly nice to use.

Uncle sonny, stop poisoning me!!!

o.. he just got out from shower. time to head to airport. bye aunty bye uncle (when u read this), thanks for the lovely stay at ur place for a close period of one month. :D

my luggages are overweight. i'm so dead. T_T



3 kissed Nicole

  1. I am just so impressed with your blog. I found it by accident while searching for pictures of cinnamon trees (long story) and one of the results was a picture you had posted sometime in 2007. I started reading some of your entries and I'm just amazed with what you've accomplished!

    I have so many questions running around that I wish I could ask you about your travels, but I'm sure you're too busy to worry with that.

    anyway, I hope you arrive safely at your destination!

  2. coming to malaysia? our bolehland

  3. in london? cool, i was there just recently too..
    have a safe journey =)