Period. Snow. Harddisk.

At first I want to be hardworking and blog about something but then I've been having period these two days and was suffering through immense cramps and now I'm still dressed in my PJ since this morning even it's already midnight. O.M.G.

But am feeling much better now. Sigh.

Hate. Period.

Anyway, I wanted to post some photos taken during Christmas day but then realised the photos were all in the harddisk inside the room and am too lazy to walk all the way in there and upload them here and edit them bla bla, so I think I'll just do it when I wake up. Zzzz...

London is still cold. What's new.

My baby bought himself a new Iphone, weee... should be arriving at my aunty's doorstep tomorrow. He complained that he's been spending so much money that we have to eat bread for the rest of the year. It's ok la, good for diet. Can lose weight, wtf.

Then he said he wanted to move to London. yea yea. I'm listening first k? I haven't move into my own apartment in KL, again, yet, again.

Speaking of harddisk, ever since switching to SLR, my photos are taking up even more memory space on my laptop harddisk faster than I can say "chip and dale". Why chip n dale I don't know, it's late, shut up.

So my baby bought me a harddisk and now I need TWO harddisk in which I store my photos. Scary. Need to do more backups in case I lose one of them, gulp.

Means need to get more harddisk to store those backups. Wtf.

Also that means every time I need photos I have to run off to look for my harddisk and plug it in and scroll through the photos to see which I want, instead of just clicking it right away on the folder on my laptop desktop.


Life is so difficult.


9 kissed Nicole

  1. you need a harddisk to backup your harddisk? :S

  2. 1 tb harddisk nicole! ;)

  3. Ahh lots of hard drives, the life of a travelling photographer.

    You might want to look into online backups. Automatic syncronising when you go online, no need for hard drives.

  4. Can i now how big the capacity of your hard disk? Maybe you can get a hard disk with a bigger capacity.. :) Good luck neh !! ^^

  5. Hi Nicole, maybe you can try out the evening primrose oil. It helps to ease the period pain and it really works =)

  6. pity you nicole...

    use 1tb exeternal hardisk or resort to like photobucket to keep your photo??

    agree with YL... evening primrose oil...

    not only prevent period pain but also for skin complexion and healthier hair...

    take care nicole =)

  7. period also must announce to entire universe....then get pregnant lah

  8. Jesus Christ, what is wrong with this chap ?? This is a blog where you want to express whatever you want, if not interested, GET LOST !!!

  9. wow... your Christmas really great!!!