God is Love

Why can't we use the word "Allah"?

I mean, they used it in Java (I think it's Java, so said the forwarded mail).

(translation: God is Love)

Really, are you guys going to fly all the way there to burn that church down?


I should update this yesterday but then I was so drowned in sleep the whole day I kinda forgot.

If you don't already know, I've been staying awake at night and sleeping in the day time. And trust me this is definitely not the English hour, I have no idea what my body is trying to adjust to, it's screwing my normal hour up.


And making me funky at the same time.

So yea, last post about twittering in Malaysia. Add me on Twitter, because I'm like there all the time! Especially from 12am onwards these days around.

I've installed Tweetdeck on my Iphone and I'm using it almost everywhere I go. Like the phone is part of me, a limb of mine.

But for those of you who don't have Tweetdeck or Iphone or any mobile app that allows you use twitter, you can use SMS to send and receive twitter updates. Just go to Channel X and read about the package. So you won't be left out of the Twitter trend. YO~!


15 kissed Nicole

  1. cant agree more!!!!GOD IS LOVE!!ALL ABOUT FAITH+HOPE+LOVE!!=)

  2. Nice one Nicole!

    Love your blog very much.

    Take care~

  3. Allah is the name of Muslim God, the name shouldn't be used by people who didn't practice the religion. Allah is sacred to us, why putting the name Allah where the people that go into the church are worshiping Jesus christ .....the church should just use GOD IS LOVE...

  4. As a muslim myself, i think it's okay for the non-muslims to use the word Allah. As long as you don't make fun or abuse the word Allah then no harm will be done. No offense to anyone.

  5. huh why all of sudden the church use Allah...isnt Allah is the name of muslim's god ? humm its just a question,no offence :)

  6. i saw something similar to that in jakarta. with the world ALLAH!

  7. jo: before you jump into conclusion, read this.


    "I wish all Muslims (and even some non-Muslims) were like you, stopping to ask what the issue was instead of playing straight into the tactics of people (and some media) who have personal and political agendas. Here are the facts of the issue, which I am sure will answer your question easily.


    The word “Allah” was never and will never be used to refer to Jesus in any Bahasa Malaysia translation. That is one blatant piece of misinformation that so many peninsula Malaysian Muslims have been wrongly led to believe.

  8. Some idiots just want to stirrrrrrr things up... if they are desperate to use GOD in malay, there is a word.. TUHAN! -_-

  9. Should let Allah be the judge of that, who the fudge are u people to hurt n burn people bcoz of a word u idiots cannot accept? yea Malaysians blessing comes from the goverment..resulted in stupidity..

    while country like Turkey, they are blessed by Allah with wisdom and happiness..

  10. why do u want to use the word 'Allah' so badly in the 1st place?


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  12. For those who know little or nothing at all about the word of "Allah", please do your homework before jumping into conclusion. The word "Allah" is not originated from Islam and it can't be translated as "Tuhan" in every context. And also God is not the possession of certain religion or people. Anyone can come to Him or call out His name whenever you are in great needs or despair.

  13. can we just back to normal where Muslim use 'Allah' to refer to our god and non muslim use 'GOD'.

    i dont want to see malaysian like this.

    sad :(

  14. just drop by @ ur blog..love ur diving pics! :)

    but then suddenly saw this post..i'm an Islam and Allah is not a translation of "God" in Bahasa Melayu..

    and I can't be agreed with Fatin, sorry but please don't make that kind of comment nxt time..make Islam look goyah when u said something like that..think before u said something that u think u know but u actually dont know..

    well, enuff said. let us, the Muslims use Allah. just go ahead and use "God" for other religions, okay? ~Thanks