Peeping on Topless High School Boys with Casio Exilim ZR700

I feel sheepish.

What unethical things to do.

I swear, it was a coincidence.

A happy coincidence. But a coincidence.

Vertical? Or horizontal? #selfshot #self #selfie #portrait #casio #camera #zr700 #exilim #photography

Recently I got a new toy to play with: the Casio EX-ZR700.
I believe they're having a promotion now, selling a wireless SD card at a discounted price if you buy the the ZR700, which retails at RM1399.

My new toy. Casio Exilim ZR700. #casio #zr700 #exilim #newtoy #camera #photography

One of the stunning feature of this digital camera is its zoom. And while most digital cameras have self proclaimed excellent zooming feature, this was up to another level.

Below are photos taken with the ZR700 without photoshop enhancement.

Except to add some stickers.
Stickers aren't enhancement.
They're there to block how messy my house is.


The first thing I eagerly tried was the make-up feature. Basically it's designed for camwhore purposes, to make the skin smooth and silky on camera, like applying on foundation. There are 1 to 12 levels on smooth you want your skin to be. I think I was playing with around level 10.

I already had make up on, but it's nice to have your dark circles removed without needing to go through photoshop. Though you can still see a little bit left because it had been a long day.



Will be taking more experimental shots with this feature.

The night shot was pretty neat. It even has anti-shake and high speed functions for those with shaky hands in limited lighting environment.

night shot of Mont Kiara
For this shot, I was using 'Best Shot' high speed night shot.

It was around this time I decided to play with the zooming feature.

It's said that the camera can still maintain the quality of the photo even at 18x zoom.

So I zoomed, and was looking for a focus point.
I picked the football field where there are some high school boys playing football, they're better focus when in zoomed-in mode than fast moving vehicles on the road.

high school boys

This shot actually surprised me. It was taking better photos than my eyes can see.

Though night time, and the boys were running around, the Casio EX-ZR700 was able to capture each individual without the photo being noisy. It wasn't perfectly clear, but with the lack of lighting condition, I'd say this is a really good shot.

I decided to push it further for the 36x zoom

It was at this time a really well built boy decided to take his shirt off.
Revealing rippling back muscles as he walked among his peers.

topless high school boy

I blinked.

So did my camera.

topless high school boy

Why weren't the boys in my high school days this ripped?

And holy, did my camera just take this shot?! What distance! All I could see with my naked eyes were little dots of humans running around in a tiny field.

I have a feeling my new Casio EX-ZR700 is going to be a fun toy. 


2 kissed Nicole

  1. Needs an interchangeable lens perhaps? But of course the camera isn't designed that way. :)

  2. Wow, a backup telescope! Haha...