Going Ash

I've colored my hair. Again.

It's kinda fun when you have short hair and changing colors frequently because you know you won't have hair that stays with you for longer than two years and thus not needing to worry about how badly damaged your hair is.

That is unless I decided between now and two years later to start having long hair. :S

I opted for a color that's sorta ash-ish, brown-ish.

Before the color,

Pangkor Laut Resort Nicolekiss Swimwear

First I would need to bleach my hair in order to obtain a lighter tone. This would be my first bleach in at least half a decade. Or more.

Bleaching my hair. Changing for a lighter color. And showing off my new phone cover.  @number76style

The color that turned out initially wasn't as hoped. It was darker than I had anticipated.

Color turn out a little too dark. Getting it colored the second time now. #hair #haircolor

So I had it colored again to make it lighter.

While at it, I also had my eyebrow colored.

Coloring my eyebrows. It's been a long day at the salon. Self entertainment needed. #shinchan #color #haircolor #eyebrow #silly @number76style

And finally...

And it's done! Ash. #nofilter @number76style

Ta da!

Under yellow light, it emits a more brown-ish/blonde-ish tone.


My new hair color under natural yellow lighting. #nofilter #noedit #collage #haircolor #hair #ash #grey #shorthair #newhairstyle

Under white light or natural sunlight, it becomes more ash.

Both colors I love. I like that my hair shows different colors in different light, it's like having 3D hair that comes to life.





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