Haze Hazzard

Woke up and thought I landed in misty mountain.


If I don't open the window, it almost felt like it's winter fog outside and I'm living in a foreign country.

Good to have imagination.

Also, been living a secret celebrity wannabe life.



Good thing about this ootd is that I don't need to wear make up, or smile at random strangers and can peek at cleavages however whenever I want to for as long as I like and no one would know.

Kinda like the perfect time for crime makers to perform.

On another note, I'm been missing for a week here because my dad recently had a surgery and I had to go back to hometown for the week to assist him, including feeding him and bringing him food; assist him to go toilet and also play iPad all day along next to his hospital bed.

Daddy's taking a nap on my chair while I played with my phone on his bed.
Was actually waiting for him to wake up to serve him the lunch I brought over.

FYI, he's recovering well (albeit sometimes a painful one) and is able to eat on his own now. Loves to take "long" walks down the corridor of his ward to get a daily dose of exercise.


1 kissed Nicole

  1. I heard about the smog problem on Australian news and all the Singaporean bloggers have been reporting about it. I hope your dad is doing well and I'm glad that he has such a supportive daughter.