Press Room @ Pavilion

I've always liked placed that served all day breakfast. A restaurant where I can head for brunch at 2pm in the afternoon. Because on weekends I wake up around noon, so 2pm brunch is very acceptable.


It was a pleasant discovery to land in Press Room on a visit to Pavilion last weekend because of three things:
1. Food was reasonably priced (cheaper than brunch places like Red Beanbag)
2. Portions were big
3. Food was above par


We ordered Eggs Cooked to Order and Beef Burger (not sure the exact name).

Basically it's like a big breakfast, with a healthier portion (no baked beans and sausages).
You can choose ham or smoked salmon.

The great thing about this dish is that you can choose to make your eggs any method you like, even poached.  With the smoked salmon on the side, it's almost like Eggs Benedict (technically, Eggs Atlantic) without the sinful Hollandaise sauce.

Beef burger was wonderfully done. Buns were buttery soft and slightly crispy. Fries were fried perfectly, came hot with a crisp crunch.

The only complain was beef patty served well done when asked for medium-rare. But sauce was nice and cheese melty so didn't really mind; though the waiters and chef did apologized profusely and offered free dessert.

We didn't take the dessert offer so they automatically waived off the charges on the tea I ordered (didn't even mind if the bill was paid in full). That's service!


Will soon be making a return.



The same morning, I bought a Putu Bamboo that's green in color for a pre-brunch snack at a road side stall.

Green Putu Bamboo for breakfast. Nom Nom Nom. #yum #breakfast #brunch #putu #bamboo #food  #foodporn #glutton

I like all forms of putus. Usually more putu pirings than putu bamboo. But this was really yummy.

Putu bamboo

Lol like doing commercial for Putu Bamboo. I love all putus: putu piring, putu bamboo. #food #foodporn #localfood #asian #asiangirl #ootd #lotd #glutton #snack #brunch


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