Gold Studded Spike Cap - Receiving the Weirdest Pick-Up Line

More like last year's trend but it's still trending.


Saw this cap in Mid Valley when I was walking around the mall with my crazy friend and we decided to influence each other to re-live our inner rebellious teenage-hood.


We also ended up convincing each other to make a purchase we will probably never wear again. (but we'll most probably try to find a reason to wear them)

First, on my ootd.

Ootd. :p #noedit #nofilter #collage #smiley #fashion #instafashion #ootd #lotd #lookoftheday #outfit #outfitoftheday #potd
I have neutral feelings about this top in the beginning but after numerous compliments I ended up liking it.

Two-piece smiley face top: Melaka
Shorts: Zara


There were a few spike caps I saw at the stall but ended up choosing the most dramatic ones with the biggest studs. The cap itself it fairly heavy, prolonged wearing will cause minor headache; all in the name of fashion.

It was a choice between two caps, either this or a pink silver-studded spike cap.



I almost went for this cap but after several try ons and offs, I decided this paled in comparison with the cap of the mega studs.

Who can beat mega studs.

If you're going to stand out anyway, make sure you stand out!
There two caps I was choosing. Which one's better? Tell me I made the right choice. #crossfingers #funky #caps #cap #funkycap #silly #craycray #cool #bling #studded #stud #fashion
Gold cap - 1, Pink cap - 0


My friend went for a monster cap that would look otherwise silly but rather outstanding on him.

You put two vain people together and you get a collage of possible the best scrapbook materials.


Stupid cap day with bff. #impulsebuy #impulsepurchase #shopaholic #midvalley #cap #hat #silly #insane #craycray





I also had the weirdest pick-up line while wearing this cap. I swear it's the cap. Why? Because of following conversations:

(Stranger A walked up to me, I was squatting down in a store looking at some stuff)
A: Are you Korean?
Me: Erm... No~?
(A walked away)
(5 mins later, A walked back)
A: Do you like black leather pants?
Me: (wtf) Err.... No.
(A walked away, walked back 2 mins later)
A: Are you sure you don't like black leather pants? (sounding hopeful)
Me: No, I don't. (sounding firm, and a little weirded out)
A: Okay.
(A looking disappointed, walked away deflated)
(A walked back 2 mins later again)
A: Do you like comic books.
Me: .... (hesistant) I used to. Not so much anymore.
A: Do you draw?.... paint?
Me: Yes.
A: Me too! I'm an artist.
Me: O... Okay. Nice.
A: Are you sure you don't like black leather pants?
Me: Ye~ap. I don't.

o.O!!! Black leather pants wtffff on so many levels?!!!!


3 kissed Nicole

  1.'s the cap!! Are those studs metal, by the way? If they're heavy...I'm just wondering what they're made of.

    1. Most studs on clothing items are plastic painted with metallic colors :)

  2. What a weird encounter! So now whenever you wear that hat, you can think of the time you spent with your friend and that guy who tried to pick you up.