Getting Back in Shape

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Year 2013 has a grudge against me getting back in shape. First there was the fall in December 2012 that tore my ankle's ligament to smithereens.

My 12.12.12 at 12pm admission to the hospital. At least I will never forget this day. #injury #travel #hospital

Put me on wheelchair throughout the next two months till early February where I traveled to Japan with my family over Chinese New Year. Even during has caused my ankle to swell due to too much walking.

Upon returning, I got back on my feet and started going to gym to start on my physio therapy. Started by slow pace walking, when it hurts I'd stop and then continue the next day. I managed to reach 3km on a daily basis within three weeks when I was hit by a terrible rash reaction; presumably against my new detergent, but doctor has verified the rash to be caused by my visit to Japan, further triggered by detergent and numerous other things.

Here's a view of my mutilating feet. Sorry if it ruined your dinner. No wait, I'm not sorry. Screw u happy eaters.  #sadvegan #vegan #allergy #strictdiet #vegandiet

I was forbidden to sweat, go out into the sun, eat seafood/egg/nuts, drink coffee/alcohol and wear tight clothes.

That basically ruled out exercising, which would lead to sweating.

This went on for another 3 months, which depressed me immensely. I knew my stamina was plummeting, so was my metabolism, health and well being.

There is no better way to dim a person's spirit than a series of unfortunate events. I have gained back all the weight I have tried so hard to lose last year and a little bit more. And it's not for not trying, which in all honesty, SUCKS BALL.

Way before, before, after. #longhair #mediumhair #shorthair #newhair #newstyle #self #portrait #instamood #instafashion #beforeafter

So I decided to cut my hair. Gained a new me. And with my rash sorta under control, I made appointment with Fitology to start getting my life back together again.

Fitology Bangsar

Fitology Bangsar

It was them, afterall, who helped me jump-start the weight lose success I had last year.

Though as of now, instead of visiting religiously 2-3 times every week, I could only manage once a week. Every time I visited, it has taken so much out of me, energy and stamina. I would be out for half a week, usually in pain, after resistance training or cardio my PT put me through. It only proved how unfit I have gotten.

Fitology Bangsar

I always made sure I went for the 360' work out, which includes the half an hour PT time, half an hour Infrared Sauna and one hour sports massage; to get most out of my every visit.

weight loss smoothie
The most-look-forward-to moment: smoothie and massage. It's just too blissful after the intense workout and hot sauna. I swear this is the time where I caught a glimpse of heaven.

strawberry smoothie

Since I'm a member, I'm even considering getting a package since mine's finishing of 10+1 sessions at RM700 for members. Which is cheap considering you're paying well over RM100 for PT time in a normal gym.

You can view other packages here for members and non-members.

after massage

after massage Nicole

after massage

No make up. No edit. No filter. The natural glow of after massage. *bliss* Yea I have freckles.

9, Jalan Riong, Off Jalan Maarof
Bangsar, 59100, Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: 9am - 10pm (Mon- Sat)
Tel: 03 22014311


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  1. I understand your pain! I recently dislocated my kneecap, cant do much exercise but have a half marathon in less than 3 months :( so frustrating gah.