Smokehouse, Bangsar

Always been a fan of Smokehouse and the British colonial interior they have, and ultimately a big fan of afternoon teas in such a place.

When Smokehouse opened in Bangsar, I didn't know why I never jumped straight to it for a dine out. Perhaps because it wasn't set in the right environment nor climate, like Fraser's.

Then the opportunity presented itself and immediately I invited my friends over for an evening dinner out.


However what I didn't know till that night was that the chef hired by Smokehouse in Bangsar is a renown Thai chef who specializes in Thai food. So apart from the staple British comfort food they serve there, the menu also boast a great selection of rather authentic Thai food. Who would have known?!


The first dish was the Miang Kham, always a crowd-pleaser and almost a standard appetizer in Thai cuisine.
However due to my recent allergy I wasn't able to fully savor this dish since I was cutting off all possible trigger element in my diet which would have caused the rash, including all seafood, proteins, beans, and the prawn paste in the sauce that accompanied this delicious dish. sobs.


I did sneak a bite at the first two appetizers, second one being a prawn fritter that shaped like a bird. Served with sweet Thai chili sauce. Yum.

For soup we ordered the clear base Tom Yam soup which was HOT HOT HOT. If you're a fan of everything hot and spicy, Thai food here will rock your world.


Even the green curry was HOT. It was good, but oh so hot. T_T
I'm so ashamed to be a Malaysian.


Generally Thai food here could go no wrong, seeing how it was being cooked by a Thai. But I was absolutely smitten by their Pad Thai, my ultimate true love in Thai Cuisine.


I have always ordered Pad Thai is all my Thai cuisine outings, but only a handful of restaurants in Malaysia could impress me with this dish, Smokehouse was one of it. Again, who would have known?!

We also ordered some western meals, what's Smokehouse if they only serve Thai food, eh?
However, it's sad to declare that my dining partner's favorite dish: Beef Wellington was bit of a let down.


Ordered medium rare but came well done.

The lamb shank was huge in portion though dry, the sauce it was smothered in helped.

The grilled cod, however, was a winning dish.


Hardly have I had good cod cooked to perfection in a non-fine dining restaurant. This was definitely impressive.

The desserts were, if not, sinful and very unexpected.
Instead of bread pudding, we have European desserts: crepes and ice creams.

Scottish crepe, with rum. Rather yummy if you're a crepe fan.

We also had the chocolate crepe which was a little bit boring.

My favorite Thai desserts became my least favorite dessert that night.

Mango with sticky rice
Glutinous rice was tough and not very sticky. And where's my generous dollop of coconut milk!? T_T

Luckily, there's a winning dessert, which was also the more heart-attack inducing dish.

Banana fritters with ice cream.

It was so crispy, yummy and honestly, very innovative how it was made. Not to mention, massive.

Warning: not to be eaten alone.


Oh look, my new short crop. 


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