7 Reasons to Having Short Hair - Why Short Hair is Better

So I cut my hair lately, if you haven't already known from my previous blog posts. While I'm still getting a kick out of how awesome short hair is after 20 long years of having long hair, I figure I might write down the reasons on why short hair is so much better.

1. Save on shampoo and conditioner
One thing I realized after I've cut my hair is how little shampoo and conditioner I use, and how much I've saved. In the past, one medium bottle of shampoo can never last me more than 1-2 months, depending on how often I wash my hair. It has been a month now since I cut my hair and my shampoo bottle is not even reaching half! Yay to less trips to the supermarket for expensive hair conditioner and shampoo.

2. Never need much combing
Honestly I hardly ever needed to comb my hair when it was long. For some reason it hardly gets tangled up. But now that I have short hair, the need for that has reduced significantly. Less combing means less hair fall, and also more time to do other stuff! Yay.

3. Easy to style
Grab a hairband and you'll look cute as a button. Curling requires one third of the time now. And because there's no more weight, your hair gets more volume; which means no teasing or little teasing required.

4. Fun to style
Wax it, gel it, curl it, frizz it, fluff it, bob it, bun it, tie it, decorate it. See the many options you can do with shorter hair?

5. Looks great with hats
This is absolutely subjective. But then coming from a person who owns hats and have had super long locks and then suddenly super short crop, I did find that it's much easier, and a lot cuter to wear hats when one's hair is short.

When it's long, not all hat type are suitable, but the choice became more versatile once my hair went from waist to neck. I was walking along KLCC one day and was randomly trying out a few straw hats and was shocked to discover that I looked extremely cute in all of them! And I was only sporting a simple Japanese bob.

6. Looks more energetic, fresher and younger
For some reasons, we relate short hair to energetic girls. When I had long hair, I had so many people telling me I wasn't suited for short hair because it doesn't fit my personality, that it wasn't my 'style'. Now that I have short hair, guys will tell me it's okay for me to have short hair because it suits me? I don't think I've become chirpier or happier. Somehow, my hair has changed how people perceive my personality, or maybe, my hair has changed my personality?
Either way, I feel good. And in more ways than one, I feel cuter, younger and lighter.

And believe me, contrary to popular beliefs, having short hair doesn't rip you off of your femininity  if in any case, I have more people telling me how sexy my new crop is now. (No I'm not bragging, well, maybe a little)

7. Cooler
Literally. It can be quite unbearable when living in a tropical country and you have to be under the sun all the time. The heat gets to your head. And the long thick mane won't help ease the heat. Shorter hair means breezier neck.


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