Moment Watches: Be Loved - Be Torn

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Do you remember that special moment in your life?
When your perspective of the world, the entirety of your life changed, the course of your future completely altered, just from that one special moment.

The beautiful #krkanationalpark in #croatia #unesco #travel #nature #explore #river #lake end of morning stroll. :)
Krka National Park, Croatia.

My moment hit me when I was 21. Right after graduation, when I loaded up my flimsy backpack and roamed north (I was studying in England).

And in a way, I never looked back.

I have fallen in love with travelling; since then I have visited 38 countries, each one rather thoroughly and counting. Whether it was freedom I tasted, or the sheer excitement each unknown journey brought. It was endless discoveries and endless butterflies.

Years have passed and I can still remember that first instant, the turning point in my life that made me see the world differently. And it's so easy to pick up and go, so easy to leave your comfort zone and form a new one, so easy to adapt to change; such was the youthful days.

Sometimes, the most valuable thing you can have in your life is the story you can share, the memory you've built your whole life.

That's the concept of moment watches. Just like us, each of these watches comes with a story. (fb link)

Moment watches

Be Loved - Be Torn:

  • Two halves certainly do make up a whole - but this can lead to a whole world of pain. Love is a double-edged sword after all...and even the sweetest red rose has thorns which can prick you. But it's the beauty of this rose which blinds us to the reality of the thorns. To love is to live - and for what greater cause would you risk being hurt, than for the chance of being adored and cherished in return? On this Valentine's day week we are featuring two watches - his and hers. Side by side they complement each other perfectly. Be prepared to be torn. To love and to be loved...

I received this lovely pair of watches lately and been meaning to post them up around Valentines month but been caught up with life that I'm only posting them now.
One of their latest limited edition collection was a Easter moment watch which I find beautiful.

You can end up winning this pair (not one, but TWO) of these lovelies. Yep, I'm giving them away!

Moment watches
Took this with my new iPhone 5. No edit no filter no flash. Direct upload. Gorgeous, isn't it?!

Moment watches

Moment watches

Moment watches
For Him (Black), For Her (White)

How to Win: 

Share with me your special moment story in the comments below together with your email address and you will stand to win BOTH of the watches in the photo above.


You can 'like' my facebook page and personal message me your story.

I will pick a winner by 15th May 2013 (a month from now) after I read through your stories.


7 kissed Nicole

  1. Just like you, I thought my special moment was to travel as many countries as I can and up to date, I had travelled more than 20 countries and see many places, faces and cultures throughout my travel journey and adventures but then I realised my most special moment was meeting him. Yes, him means my dearest and beloved boyfriend who I will never thought I will fall for him and loved him for the rest of my life. Travelling is still and always my passion but seeing him waiting patiently at the arrival hall, makes me realised thank goodness, I found him. With this a pair of white watch (white is his favourite colour), I wanna tell him that nothing else is more important in my life except for him.


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  3. My special moment? When I was alone on the plane for the very first time from KL to London and finally to Newcastle to further my studies. All by myself, a 20 year-old who had never been outside Malaysia, who had never even travelled alone from East Malaysia to the West. And that was last year. My year of change. I finally took up the courage to do things on my own.

    edited: And I had never taken an LRT alone in KL and I had to take a train from London all the way up North and I survived! :p

  4. Found my special moment at the age of 30! Better be late than never. I love to dance but i was a shy girl. One day, i saw the newspaper advertisement on belly dance intake and took much encouragement to enroll myself. I will remember for the rest of my life the first lesson i attended. I found my passion and love towards belly dancing, though I was looking fat in the miror. I couldn't explain the feeling but amazed by myself that i danced like nobody see. Since then, belly dancing had changed my lifestyle and appearance, my body and soul. And now, i am a belly dancing instructor. ^^

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  7. My special moment was in April 1998 when I was going for a hiking of Mount Tahan.

    On the first day of the trip, I got to know that a person which I thought was courting me was actually wooing my friend and
    they just make it official as a couple right before the trip began. I felt betrayed, self-conscious and disappointed that
    person was not man enough to admit it by himself. In a way, it was a blessing as he was never good enough for me, eventhough
    it took me years to really realize this.

    The second incident on the same day, I broke my only pair of glasses that I brought,
    which force me to went through the 7-days hiking without perfect sight. I have a very high eyeglasses prescription, 500 and 600.
    That have forced me to opt for contact lens upon the end of the trip.

    However both events have make me determined to just be myself, prioritize myself over others (I need to be alive at the end of the journey, could not get killed due to my "rabun jauh")
    and just enjoying the moment with whatever I have. If I can walk over a ravine pass which width is less than 2 metres with my little disability,
    I always can overcome whatever obstacle life have thrown me into.

    That have become my life motto and I became a better person :)