Another 7 Reasons to Having Short Hair - Part 2

And here's another 7 reasons to celebrate for having a short do. And hopefully another 7 reasons to motivate you to take the 'step' *snip snip*.

8. Save on hair dye
You get cheaper rate for hair coloring at salons! If you tend to DIY at home, one bottle of hair color chemical can last you TWO rounds instead of one. You can even share it with your short hair gal pal, or your boyfriend!

9. They grow faster
Though this is technically untrue. But visually they do seem to grow faster. From boy's cut to bob hair to shoulder length; all happens within a few months. You don't see much difference when a girl's hair is long. Above waist, at the waist or below waist, it's all just waist length. And the great thing is, you can play and style with different lengths of hair gradually. Have a different look every month.

10. Less shampoo time
For all guys out there, it is difficult for you to understand how difficult and troublesome it is to wash long hair. How one has to bend one's head sideways so the long mane can fall to one side, and starting from mid or bottom section, slowly lather in the shampoo till it foams and work my way up slowly till my whole hair is covered with shampoo. It is SO cumbersome. And it takes forever! Not to forget conditioning time!

11. Quick to dry
When I had long hair, natural drying usually takes up to 3 hours or more; even with the hairdryer, it will still take at least 2 hours before I can head to bed, else my hair will be stuck in a bed-hair shape when I wake up. Now that my crop is shorter, washing hair in the evening becomes less of a problem because towel drying or blowdrying is a breeze.

12. Working-out becomes less of a chore
Be it swimming, jogging or going to the gym. You pony tail no longer gets all tasseled and tangled up from rubbing against your back while you run on the treadmill. My hair got so long, that at one point it was too heavy to tie up in a bun to run. And because it takes less time to shampoo your hair, and less time to dry, less time to style, I become more willing to go to the pool for a quick swim or a quick jog in my gym.

13. Prevent hair fall
This is one of the biggest reasons why I was getting so tired of my long hair, aside from getting bored with the same look all the time, is to stop hair fall. While it is a myth that the weight of the hair will cause weaker hair to break, a healthy hair should not have problems with this; however it is no myth that it is likelier to break when you have long hair. Long hair gets more tangled and thus when you comb it, it's easier for hair to break. When you have less volume surface expose to risk, less risk will manifest. It's just simple math.

Every time I sweep up my hair, I see tons broken hair sticking out of my hair, especially in the front part. I couldn't tie a ponytail without looking like a deranged woman. I had to always use hairspray to force them into place, but then my hair would look so glossy and fake. Now all my broken hair are slowly growing out, soon I will have a full head of healthy mane.

14. You no longer sit on your hair
This may be funny till it happens to you. My hair got so long at one point that sometimes when I lie down on the bed, my bottom would press on my hair. Then when I tried to get up, my head would be jerked backwards and I would fall back into bed because my hair was stuck beneath my bum. To get up then I would have to roll over to free my hair before crawling up. Okay, you can stop laughing now.

Imagine something like that happening when you go to the toilet...
Yes, it happens, it's not a joke.


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