Cherry Season in Beijing

Colorful dolls, Beijing, China
Colorful traditional dolls selling in a local market in Beijing.

 Do you know there are 56 ethnic tribes in China, including the main ethnic group - Han Chinese which comprises of 91.59% of the entire population of China. With perhaps an additional 15 ethnic groups that were not recognized by government of the People's Republic of China.

Cherries in Beijing

Cherry in Beijing

Cherries in Beijing

Cherries in Beijing

Cherry season happens in Summer during some of the hottest months in China. Starting from June. The cherries here might not be as red as they are in the USA, but they are mighty cheap, and abundance. And actually not too bad. Crunchy though generally you don't get all the sweet ones off the street vendors unless you request for a premium selection in a fruit store.

On a quick recap to my previous Great Wall of China post: 

Great Wall of China
Not this mountain, it's the next mountain.

The scariest part... was knowing I had to walk the same distance back. 


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