Super Gruesome Awesome Sago Worms Videos

So I'm late for more than 24 hours for this post.

Blame it on the power cut yesterday that lasted for more than 5 hours in the house, and by evening time, I was out on our 2nd year anniversary dinner and movie.

Then today the internet decided to go bonkers on me all afternoon.

Sigh. It's fate that's not allowing me to blog I tell you.

But now here it is!! (Previous post on the Sago Worms, photos and words)

worm in my mouth

Our sago worm cocktail party, live! In videos!

First, let's introduce the worms.

Clare was the only person in the party who has ever tried Sago Worms and knew how to eat it. So we had her to demonstrate to us, and the rest of you readers, HOW to Eat a Live Sago Worm.

And for the MOST exciting part.

ME EATING A LIVE SAGO WORM! (click to play video below)

Ho ho.... be warned, I was quite the coward when it comes to eating live shit, so pardon my jumpi-ness.

I totally freaked out. You have to watch the video to see how freaked out I was.

God I swear it was so god damn gross when you have a torn worm with all its goo oozing out from its lifeless body and you knew you were about to put that THING in your mouth, AND SWALLOW IT!

OMG I could faint at that point.

But really, it didn't really taste anything fancy. Read previous post on my experience here.

And if you have the extra free time, here's the rest of us having a go at the sago worms.

Watch it, cause in there you can see a more terrified Derek trying to consume a worm and gagged, several times. LOL

It's so totally hiralous!!!!


4 kissed Nicole

  1. Wow, you really did it! I'm amazed by how brave you are. But I guess I will rather stick to almonds :P Have you ever tried bundigie, the Korean snack made of silkworm larvae? I'll try to eat that, unless I'm grossed out by it :P

  2. Don't play with your food, Nicole! lol

    Still, *clap clap clap* Bravo, you did it!

  3. Gaaaaaaa. i could so feel the tension in the skin when u pulled off its head!

  4. I think sago worms are much worse than Korean bundaegi!~