I've been having nightmares for three consecutive nights, and now I'm afraid to sleep.

It's always been the same, or similar.

There were scoldings, beatings and snide remarks thrown at me by my love one. And the entire dream would be all of that, or the night would be split into two separate nightmares of different story lines but similar scoldings and violence.

I had been waking up every morning in frowns creased over my brows, clenching heart and a really foul mood. Or a distressed mood.

The sort of rotten feeling you would get when you've been wronged in all the wrong ways, by someone you love. A sort of upsetting anger with a mixture of heartache and sorrow.

It's affecting my days and I simply don't want to do anything. And want to give up everything.

My travels. My work. My blog. My FB and twitter. My books. Even my phone and conservations with friends.

Ever had your heart broken? And the feeling would leave you handicap in every possible thing from thinking to eating?

I'm feeling that right now.



11 kissed Nicole

  1. You should relax or go find a psychotherapist :p

  2. I'm kinda understand ur feeling... let's be gone be gone... the feeling, the fear & everything is comes from ur heart... if want to cry, let it out... it will feel better

  3. is it because you have some not very happy things happening in life cause dreams actually reflex us on the inside...though some dreams are soo hard to understand and feels like crying when you awake...=)

    talk to your best friends~

  4. i felt this way this morning too :/
    tell yourself it's not happening. ask your boyfie to tell you he loves you. he'll always be there for you. and that really helps

  5. Stay strong~ You're much stronger after going thru all those challenges, expeditions, adventures...

    Juz wanna let you know u have a life many would die for... (Including me!)

  6. The worst thing about nightmare or dreaming is it's beyond our control. We can't choose what dream we want or better still, no dream at all!

  7. Be strong, hold up. I know it'll get better. And you're soon going to Taiwan, I really envy you. Can't wait to read your posts. Have fun, girl :)

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