How's Your Long Deepavali Weekend?

I was halfway writing the second part of sago worm when midnight struck and Deepavali started!


*Threw laptop away and started chilling till now*

Tomorrow long weekend ends and I'm heading back to KL, away from my kitty Chocolate and parents. :(

Work. Work. Work.

On the bright side, I will resume writing my travel blog tomorrow.

I promise I will update more frequently. Been swaying away rather a lot recently. I'm sorry. I will try to be more diligent. *lie*


Before the holiday I went for my Marie France, the 11th session (I'm ending at 12th) which has lasted for two weeks because of a miscommunication, since I was supposed to have two treatments each session, so the first week I only did one treatment. And told them I'd return the following week.

The first treatment was something sort of special.

It was their new introduction treatment called GoldLuxe.

Guess what.

It involved GOLD.

Real actual 24k GOLD! (I think it's 24k)

I didn't even know until the beauty consultant laid me down on the bed and spread very thin GOLD sheets on my back thighs and rubbed them in!

it was something like this.

HOLY! I have GOLD infused INTO my thighs!

Now my legs are going to SHINE~~~!!!!!

The second treamtent the following week was something called PSP??? (say what?)
And they attached all these little patches to my body and send electric current to my skin, said to firm it.

It wasn't like the electric masssage I had earlier on. This was painless.

No. Actually. It was.... was.... feeling-less??? (is that such a word?)

I didn't feel a thing.

Probably the most relaxing treatment I ever had. Just lied there with my Iphone playing Millionaire (Yes I'm back on the game~!) for 20 minutes.

And it went on with more massages. NICE.

Oh oh oh. And my weight! Remember I said I lost some weight(like a kilo) during my three weeks illness and was afraid that it might gain back once I recovered. It didn't! Or not yet at least. Yay!

Well, it went up by like 0.2 kg but that's nothing.

Weeeeee~~~~ *happy*

Let's see how the next and final treatment will be. OMG the final verdict I'm so scared.


SMS For a free 60min slimming session (worth

type MFB NICOLEKISS Name send to


Back to today. I spent the whole afternoon today shopping with my mom. Wanted to get all my supplies of skin care products: SK-2, Biotherm, scouting for some other new brands and trying them out, etc. Went to look for bed sheet but decided the ones I wanted were too expensive even with 50-70% off.

Why can't 800 thread count egyptian cotton bed sheet be cheaper?! Remind me to move to UK one day and earn pound.

In the end I bought everything for my baby and nothing for myself. T_T Why am I so self-less. I even got him a new watch since he lost his very expensive Tissot in the sea of Bali while wind-surfing.

I went to a watch shop to check out the price and it cost RM2700 now. o.O
Bye bye money drown the sea.

The one I got for him was obviously NOTHING close to the worth of his lost watch.

He lost it a day after his birthday so now it's kinda like a double present.

I somehow think I felt more horrible at him losing his watch than he himself. Something is wrong with me.

Earlier I spent the night watching Astro (God I miss Astro) and when I was about to take a sip at my cup of water, I glanced down into my cup (while sipping, yes my lips have touched the water), I saw a fruit fly and some tinier ant-like insect in my cup.


My first instinct was to spit the water back into the cup and see if I spitted any more insect out. Then I poured the water down the sink.

And now my top lip has a tiny insect bite.

FML. T___T

Oh no. Baby just woke up because I switched the light on to type. Now he's moving into the other room (guest room) to sleep.

Stupid new laptop that has no lights on the keypads so I can't type in the dark. It's all your fault. *hmph*

Okay. I better stop typing out. Off to find baby. Ciao~

Oh. and Happy Diwali (or Deepavali)!


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  1. wow. you treat your baby very well. that's nice. he's lucky.