23rd Month Anniversary Meals

Just spent 7 hours travelling from Taipei to Alishan, switching from bus to private car.

I never knew buses in Taiwan are so posh!! There's a tv screen in front of every chair and the reclining chair is really spacious and comfy. If only it reclines a bit more, I could have slept better.

Finding it hard to sleep on a moving vehicle nowadays, unless the moving vehicle has a bed and a pillow.

Sigh, where are the days when I could just sleep on anything at all.

Anyway, Alishan is cold cold cold! 11'C in the day and 9'C by night. The highest Starbucks in Asia is no longer here (replaced by some coffee shop) and forest train is still not operating due to typhoon damage.

Gotta sleep now since I'm waking up 5am tomorrow to catch sunrise.

In the mean time, here are a few photos taken last month during our 23rd month anniversay.

Baby made dinner at home and it was divine.

sashimi dish
sashimi platter!

mushroom soup
super yummy mushroom soup

mushroom soup in bowl

He seared the prime Wagyu Beef air-flown and delivered from Australia and I will never look at beef the same way again.

You know all those wagyu beef we ate outside in restaurants? Well, they're mostly C grade. This piece right here, it's an A grade Wagyu Beef. Was it AUD70 per slab?

wagyu beef

wagyu beef close up

wagyu beef prime steak

Always loved a bit of blood on my steak.

My favourite is medium done. Ocassionally medium-rare.

What about you? How do you like your steak done?


4 kissed Nicole

  1. omg i love medium rare!!!where do u buy those grade A beef??i want!!!!

  2. I still prefer mine without the blood. A little red in the middle is okay...but the meat has to have a cooked texture, without some bloody "sauce"! lol

  3. ah..you should try their famous cheap japanese buffet.