Final Verdict of Marie France

Weeks ago, the day before I left for Taiwan trip, I went for my final session at Marie France.

12 sessions.

3 months.


It was such a relief.

It was such a relief because I have never felt BETTER in my life.

cardigan and short skirt

I've actually lost quite an amount of weight, even though that was not my initial target when I entered the salon, the sights of cellulite on my thighs have diminise tremendously.


It's not obvious on the before and after photo so I shall tell you in my words that I have received lots of remarks everywhere that I have been looking better, and better.

Photos here are not edited, only sharpened because my hands were shaky when I took the photos.

outfit of the day

Over the span of three months, not only I have learnt how to:

take care of myself better,
understand how my body works,
become more aware of how my body, and fats, functions;

I've actually have a better diet, and a happier looking skin.

Surprise surprise.

look up

To entertain you with my results, I have lost:

1. 7cm each on my right and left upper thigh
2. 12cm each on my right and left lower thigh
3. 4cm each on my right and left calve.

I had wanted to lose more on my calves because I have really thick calves, thanks to my older backpacking days, and it's really hard to get rid of.

But as the sessions went on week after week, the treatments I received have seemed to shift towards my thighs and hips.

I could have asked them to spread the treatments evenly across my calves and thighs and hips but I was worried spreading the treatment time and cream/serum/solution might also reduce the effectiveness these treatments have on each section of my body.

So I decided to let them focus on my back thighs and hips in the end.

And I'm loving the results.

bling glasses

I'm not saying I'm perfectly pleased with how my body looked yet, but I have never seen a fitter me in a long time and I am definitely feeling supremely confident how the way I look these days.

glasses up

I've been religiously rubbing lotion after my shower every day now on my thighs and calves, I'm determine to get my calves to shrink now that I am no longer attending treatments at Marie France.

But Marie France has helped me achieve my ultimate goal.

To know that I can still lose, get fit and eliminate those wrinkly skin I thought was forever.

To know that I can get rid of all these, if I work on myself more.

tilt sideways

A girl's got to do what a girl's got to do eh?

One day, soon enough, I'm going to achieve my perfect figure.

Maybe one day, I can always return to Marie France for more advanced tech aid.



SMS For a free 60min slimming session (worth

type MFB NICOLEKISS Name send to


4 kissed Nicole

  1. You already have a perfect figure. I don't know what you're talking about. So many girls would envy you. Be confident and happy, beauty was given to you when you were born.

  2. exactly.
    you're good as you are, unless you had like 20kgs on from the time i last saw you.
    did u do eyelash extension or something ?

  3. You are losing way too much. You are already so slim Nicole!