Friday, October 31, 2008

DIY Crystal Soil Plant: Part 2

New items on Nicolekiss Boutique!

Sweet Kisses: Diamond Pendants or Red and Blue Beauty.

Remember my previous entry on the DIY Crystal Soil Plant?

Few readers requested for photos of how the plant would turn out after plantation.

Well, I have good and bad news.

Good news was my plant did grow. It grew up to 4 inches in my wine glass.

Bad news, however, was that it died. Because I went away to China for two weeks, only to come back and found that it lacked nutrients and withered (hence my advice that it needed to be transferred to soil after it started sprouting, else you would need liquid form food plant to feed it).

And the good news again is (hey, I didn't say it was ONE good news :p)...

A reader of Nicolekiss, Jenny, was generous enough to provide some lovely photos of HER magic bean and plant.

Here are the photos. It's a bit small though, don't squint your eyes. :)










According to Jenny, that was the first two weeks. Then the plant was moved to her garden. Which started sprouting everywhere on her fence.

After 1 to 2 months, (bigger photos, yay!)



And then they flowered.


And grew their own beans!



When it's riped, it would fall to the ground (I think).


Peel it open and you will find plentiful of magic beans (not so magical now) inside!!





Hey Jenny, now you can sell your own beans!! :D

Remember to burn Nicolekiss imprint on it first k? :D :D :D

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Italiannies New Promo Menu

I remember the first time I dined at Italiannies was with Timothy, when Nuffnang just started and they were giving out attractive lucky draws and I won a PSP! Ahh.. those were the days when free gifts are easy to come by.

win psp

We met in Italiannies in The Curve and I had a very delicious strawberry cheesecake which I self claimed to be the best commercialized cheesecake in town.

the star feature
I even talked about it in my first feature in the starmetro.

So last week I have the privilege to try out their new promo menu.

new italiannes promo

When I first saw the menu, my first reaction was: “Finally, our prayers have been answered.”

Seriously. I have always loved Italiannies, I’ve lost count the number of times I dined here with friends, alone, meeting up, etc.

bread and olive oil
I love Italian cuisine because they always serve you delicious bread with my favorite olive and balsamic vinegar combination

But the one thing about many restaurants nowadays is that their portions are always too big. Being a girl, I like try a bit of everything, and it is always so difficult to order alone (especially when I travel solo) or with a friend.

You order one dish, and you only get to try ONE dish, and pay for that ONE dish which might get you so many varieties in Chap Fan (mixed rice).

So with the Italiannies new promo, you get to eat/sample/taste FOUR types of pasta for RM29.90.

pasta top view
From top right clockwise: Fussily Pesto and Mushrooms, Chicken Coronation, Salmon & Lemon Aioli, & Angel Hair Promodoro (first three are chilled/cold pasta)

With ten selections to savor, I brought my mom and aunt along to dine with me for lunch that day.

mom and aunt sally
Candid shot is the best. Haha. See Aunt Sally chewing. *point right*

I especially love chilled pasta, so I enjoyed the first set tremendously.

pasta set 1

And I love the Chicken Coronation and Salmon & Lemon Aioli, it was even better when they prepare this with shell pasta, I simply dislike boring shaped spaghetti. (hey, they did want an honest opinion) *shrug*

chicken coronation
Chicken Coronation

We then moved onto the next four.

pasta second set
From top right clockwise: Shrimp Linguine, Chili Shrimp, Clams and Beef Bacon, Chicken and Mushroom

My mom enjoyed this more than I did (as I said, I love love love cold pasta), but I do find the Clams and Beef Bacon a lovely palate with a glass of House Premium White.

premium house wine

It could also be because it’s served with fettuccine and I’ve always taken a bias stand on anything creamy (which takes tomato based pasta out of the topic).

HENCE! My favorite of all, still has to be the lovely Classic Carbonara which I so devotedly adore.

classic carbonara

And the chicken lasagna was superb too. (I love cheese, sue me)

chicken lasagna
My mom, aunt and I all agree that chicken lasagna was a crowd fav.

At this rate, we were pretty stuffed but then being the greedy us, we didn’t stop there.

calamari ceaser salad
Calamari Caesar Salad

The salad was yummy! Who doesn’t like Caesar salad?! But pair it with calamari is just so sinful to the max! YUM!

stuffed mushroom
Stuffed Mushroom

And I found the stuffed mushroom rather delectable. I didn’t know I would like something as plain as mushroom for a dish. Usually I prefer shitake mushroom but these were little lovelies, if I weren’t so full already I would have eaten more than just one.

And FINALLY!!! (yea we’re not done yet, omg, we’re so greedy)

My very love!

strawberry cheesecake
Strawberry Cheesecake! (photo by Yee Hou)

It’s really more like cheesecake with strawberry sauce, which I think it’s SUCH A LOVELY combination. I much prefer it this way than the strawberry in-flavored (is there such a word?) with the cake. This way you get to control how sweet or how strawberry-y you want your cheesecake to be.

We also had the Raisin and Bread pudding which my aunt couldn’t resist taking a doggy bag with at the end.

italiannes desserts

One advise, never eat the cheesecake before the bread pudding as it can overpowering for the subtle sweetish baked raisin bread pudding, which is just so delicious on its own.

brand and raisin pudding

People who doesn’t have a strong sweet tooth or love for cheese would find this absolutely gorgeous.

But OMG I still love my cheesecake. *starts singing*
OMG I miss my cheesecake now. :(

Why don’t they have Italiannies in Bangkok?!

italiannes branches

Someone “tabao” for me a cheesecake from Italiannies when visit me in Bangkok can?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nicolekiss Guide to Basic Breakdancing

Not by me.

Let me introduce a lovely girl I happen to know.

Guys, and ladies ;), this is Caryn.

caryn doing the kiss pose
doing the Kiss pose

20 year old breakdance extraordinaire.

Yes, she is a girl.

cute caryn

And a pretty one too. Very fit at that.

Don't be sexist, who says girls can't breakdance. Some of the amazing young breakdancers I know are girls.

Anyway, one day I managed to convince Gerald to learn breakdancing from Caryn.

So being the sporty him (wow!), he obliged.

Guide to breakdancing Step 1: the L hands

let me show you

Put both your higher elbows left ON your left squatted leg (let your leg supports your body weight). Note: your hands should be in L shape, constantly.

teaching gerald how to move

Step 2: Lean forward

When your higher elbows are probably placed on your legs, casually lean your WHOLE body forward (very important!), at the same time stretch your right leg lifting your left leg and body off the ground consecutively, with your hands as a support instead.

moving up

Step 3: Let go

Let go of your legs (not hands!) from the ground. Be brave, this is probably more challenging part for most people because we're so used to using our legs to support our weight instead of hands.

begining step

When you're able to sustain a balance. Stretch your right leg out straight.

This is a very important factor: Do NOT remove your L-shaped elbow position and do not detach your higher elbows from your left leg, for now the left leg is using your hands instead for support and balance.

almost there

While you are doing Step 3, don't forget Step 2 for they should happen simultaneously. So while your legs are stretching out and off the ground, your body should lean all the way with your head rested nicely on the ground.

Final Step: Lift it

Now that you can maintain balance with your head nicely supporting your balance and hands your weight,

there u go

you can lift all the way up to the sky. Pushing more weight on your hands and head.

And now, you have achieved a basic freeze.

full stand mode

If you have come as far, Congratulation!

Now if you're keen, you can move onto the more difficult freezes.

caryn extreme step

Continue to bend your straighten right leg over your head and to the right, while lifting your left leg upward. Lean your entire left shoulder down on the ground to fully support further weight.

Or even try a turtle freeze.

caryn final step

it's the same concept, L-shape hands, both on floor, support against your chest and lift yourself up. Girls with big boobs might find this a bit.. hard to achieve. *eh hem*

There you go, your guide to basic breakdancing. Experiment and have fun!

ps// Gerald failed in breakdancing, he got lost when switching his legs and hands

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Shh… let me tell you a secret

Warning: not for the faint hearted

Today a mail came in.

delivery package
My first parcel in Bangkok!

I bet you never guess what it is..


Haha! Of all the things!

It’s my very own Whisper Ultra pads!

posing with whisper 1
Chance to camwhore

posing with whisper 2

Now do I have my sanitary pads sent all the way from Malaysia? Because so that I can use them for my next period,duh! Whisper, if you don’t know, is one of the oldest brands of sanitary pads around. And they know best of what a woman need or does not need, we don’t need damp leaky pads that’s for sure.

me with powder paste all over
That’s how I would feel “down under”, minus the smile.

One of the worst feeling when I was travelling during my monthlies was to walk for hours on the road and then suddenly, I felt this icky sticky feeling between my legs. I tell you (guys), it feel like you’ve just peed in your pants and your pants are all wet the whole day. It’s not the best feeling.

Which is why the most important feature in a pad, is good absorbency, and double protections system (ok, that’s two features). You know, the part in a pad that you always see on commercial ad where there’s this deepen line in the pad?

deepen line

THAT helps prevent the over-flowing blood from stepping over its border and keeps you feeling clean all day!

Am I being too detailed? Good.

And THAT, my friend, is how Whisper can keep me clean and dry all day long, no matter what I do. For girls who have never tried Whisper and don’t really know the difference between a good pad and a bad pad, it’s time you do.

It’s a HUGE difference. I use to buy those cheap branded pads of names I’ve never heard of, and my god, not only it doesn’t work like a blood sucking pad it should be, it even made the parts around my thighs itchy!!! You know, as in, they have itchy wings. They tend to irritate your skin.


Anyway, enough grossing you out for a day.

If you are reluctant to believe what I say get some Whisper now and try some for yourself. Then buy a cheap one and you will KNOW the difference!

The last message was intended for girls, but hey, if you Guys are interested and want to try out…

*turn on Russell Peter’s tone*

“whatever makes you happy, you know”.

Ps// voting of best story starts 3rd Nov – 16th Nov, be sure to vote online with shopping vouchers worth RM50 each so you will be among the random 200 people to get rewarded by Fly FM.

Disclaimer: this advertorial is brought to you by Whisper, with Whisper’s duo protect, feel as clean as you would after a lovely bath! Have a Happy Period!

posing with whisper 3
I'm so happy~