Late nights

Short note: Haha, MAS airlines is jumping on the bandwagon of cheap budget flights. Now they're giving away 1 million free seats for domestic flights. Woo hoo, cheap 5 star seats here I come.

My bags remained unpacked at one corner, several items have been unloaded. A bottle of wine stood next to my lotion on the floor.

Just returned from Langkawi 15 hours ago and now I sat awake in front of my PC with no one to chat with on msn at this hour. A box of chocolate given from Langkawi laid half eaten at the side of my cpu.

Sun is rising, but being on the highrise building, there are no cheery birds chirping that I used to hear from my hometown. It's almost to mother's day now, less than a day away, I haven't bought anything for mom yet, though I have prepared some small gifts that I brought back from Langkawi. Will go back to Melaka today.

I opened my mailbox, several mails remained unread, will reply tomorrow, maybe. I opened a new mail, ready to compose, but I lost words, hence I came here instead. To announce to the world that I miss you, and despite my lost words, I want to tell you that I want to write to you, even if I have not received the usual emails I used to receive from you.

There's an article I would like to publish here, you know well what article it is. I shall not announce it, it's already published in my "more" personal blog anyway.

As each day passes, I'm holding back more and more, I wonder if this is a symptom of withdrawal. Counting down to the days we meet, I anticipate at the same time fear for the same thing you worried before. I don't ask for fancy gifts or flowery words, but I wish you could look me in the eye and tell me that I meant something to you.

It has been a while since I started writing any personal entries like this, entries that meant nothing and has no purpose. Makes me miss those days when one could write just about anything and any shit without fearing to offend anyone.

I met KinkyBlueFairy two days ago, her hair was looking gorgeous, I wished we went to Langkawi on the same day, Diva Kee Hua Chee was a sight to see, crudely hilarious. I wondered how did the sail went on the second day, mine was wet. Chic Wern and ChengLeong were great companies. Personality Linda was a miss, though I accidentally had a peek of her showering the other day (tee hee) . Being a diva with Francis was fun, we should go out for more drinks, he'll be one of the reasons I drink, just so I could see him drunk. lol

This is getting pretty random, I probably have another entry coming up today, but I couldn't resist blogging. It's just me. Three days away from Internet is depressing me already.


9 kissed Nicole

  1. Hellooooooooooooo! Nic-love,

    How r u doing?

    Good morning 2 U!:)

  2. Welcome Back!
    Hey, why not do a video for your mum for mother's day? :)

  3. The McD chant is a mouthful. By the time you get it right, your mouth is probably too wasted to enjoy the burger. LOL

    Don't you dare take your mom to McD. She deserves something much better

  4. Hi, Nicole.

    A small "hello" Stealth, off the birmanie.
    how will you?
    I saw your news photos, you've really been pampered.
    I look forward to see soon!


  5. Wow... You're just back from there... And tonite I'm going there... Any places of interest??

  6. WB nicole...

    So how much u spent so far for your trip?

  7. Thoughts, Feelings..
    One just need to control them..
    When you just don't control your thoughts and feelings, it will just go burst.
    By it being burst, you will never know what it had or will provoke the next phenomenon towards others or things around you...

    That's it...

  8. hehe why depressed? Sorry I didnt reply your text that day coz I ran outa credit!! so poor nowadays! Btw, am leaving for Dubai soon wee!! 13th June!.....Hope to see you sometime soon. Btw, am going back this week...

  9. the pic of urs on the top of ur blog where u kiss the strawberry looks a bit "notti" if u know what i mean... yeah..ahh.