Bangkok, Finally

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Once more I returned to Bangkok from Mae Sai before my cross over to Cambodia. I decided to stay on for a few days.

Dino and his girlfriend offered accommodation and it was nice to be able to have proper shower with heated water once again.

The other day a friend just reminded me that I never really blogged a proper post about Bangkok before.

And I realized, it’s true. I have so many titles for Bangkok, but never really a full on entry introducing the city. I guess I love the city so much, that I forgot what or where to start writing about it. There’re a lot of things I like about Bangkok and Thailand that made me keep coming back for more.

Small things you can find in some place or other parts of Thailand, you can find them all in Bangkok. Thus the city becomes a generalization of the whole country. Representation, in a way.

I’ll make a list.

1. Chatukchak Market (or the Weekend Wet Market)

or จตุจัก (oh look I can type Thai!)

Easily the largest Market in South East Asia, and possible the world, is a 35 acres market consists of 15,000 stalls receiving more 200k to 300k of visitors a day. You can reach there on the skytrain (BTS), just take it to the last stop Mo Chit and follow the crowd.

I also like to call it the “you name it, they have it” market.

Anything. You. Can. Think. Of.
And everything you can’t think of, they have it.

It’s amazing.

My favourites are the special crude T Shirts.

quirky t shirts
What’s on your mind? Haha!

The ridiculously large array of earrings.

cheap earrings

I wonder how many earrings a Thai woman has.

The place never ceases to amaze me each time I visit, because it is impossible to finish all 15,000 stalls even you have visited Bangkok more than 100 times. Each time I get in, I get lost (literally) and can never find my way back till at least 4 hours later.

But it’s a fun journey getting lost inside. I always seem to spot things that thrills me.

Like this Lord of the Rings shop.

metal rings
No hobbit, just rings.

Or this giant dyper pin.

big dyper pin
Baby want a bottle?

Or even this very suggestive metal mug.

silver mug

One of my favourite section in the market is the pet market (the place where Kenny bought his illegal immigrant rat hamster)

sleeping chi hua hua
This is a very fat baby Chihuahua

me and cute baby bunny
3 dollars baby bunny

And omg I love this puppy so much I want to smuggle it back.

me and puppy

cute puppy wink

Omgomgomg, she winked at me!!!

very cute puppy

I just died.

2. Praying Ronald McDonald

thai ronald mcdonald and me

Oh yes, I love their Mcdonalds because they have cheesy fries!! Why don’t we have cheesy fries? And don’t you just love the Ronald McD that is religious?! *points to photo above*

And pork burger! I love my pork burger, and I don’t even like burgers! Or pork! (read here)

3. Cheese Popcorn!!

cinema popcorn in siam paragon bangkok

Yes yes and yes!! The day I discovered cheese popcorn through darling Zen is the day I know I will never sleep well without catching a movie whenever I’m in Bangkok!!

cheese popcorn

This is what you should do and expect when watching a movie in Thailand.

Expect a bigger, more comfortable, more luxurious economy seats in the cinema of Siam Paragon.

Expect your camera to be taken away from the security upon check in. (to return after movie so no photos of cinema seats)

Expect to stand up in respect to a 5 minute documentation of the King’s history prior to the screening of the movie. Yes bloody hell, salute to their king when you watch a movie! The documentation nearly put me to tears k!! So kam dong! (trans: touching)

nicolekiss in siam paragon
Me dressing nicely for movie in Bangkok

Finally, expect to buy yourself a large cheese popcorn with extra large coke to complement the salty taste. YUM!!

cheese popcorn close up
Cheese and sweet popcorn mix in one

4. Pocky

shelf of pretz and pocky

My one and true love. My only food source in Thailand, the only thing I consume. Hence 7-11 became my refuge.

There are many other snacks we don’t have either. Pretz, Picco, Toppo, etc. All chocolate sticks la :p

Also like the strawberry shortcake my Malaysian friend seeks high and low for. :D

strawberry shortcake

5. Thai seafood

king crab

Enough said.

6. Pretty Thai girls

pretty thai girl

And lady boys.


Where else can you find Lady Boys Spice Girl group band? :D

Click to see their awesome MTV – Visa for love

7. Awesome car parking skill


Do you know that when a person double park in Bangkok, the one who is blocked can single handedly “push” the car aside to allow his car to get out. And this is totally acceptable in Thailand. Double parker CANNOT use handbreaks.

How come we don’t have that? Oh yea, right, because someone might just pushed the entire car awayyyyy. -.-

8. Skybars

Expect the expected, I am going to blog about, not one, but TWO skybars in Bangkok. A place to fall in love with, a place where I fell in love :p

First skybar, is the famous DOME. Everyone heard of this one I’m sure. Above the State Tower of Bangkok.

state tower bangkok
Dress code: casual formal, no sandals

Take the lift up to the 64th floor.

And boom, enjoy the view.

bangkok night view from dome cafe

me at dome cafe

I heard the food is overpriced for its quality, so why not go for a 300 baht drink ($10, RM30). Just stand around at the bar for it’s view and the wind,

or hide in their very nice toilet.

dome skybar toilet

Second one, which I took more photos of because the night was clearer, was the Vertigo bar on the 61st floor of Banyan Tree Hotel.

banyan tree hotel lift

Dress code to Vertigo bar is also casual formal. However, they offer sarongs and shoes if you don’t have them on you.

vertigo bar bangkok

With sofa and couches, and also a restaurant to dine at, vertigo bar sets a more comfy cosy ambience as compared to the classily expensive feel and romantic Dome bar.

Guys, I present, the night of Bangkok.

bangkok night
I made a wallpaper of this scene too. You can download it here.

bangkok night scene 1

bangkok night view from vertigo bar 3

Pair the night with Sex on the Moon. It’s a nice drink.

moon cocktail drink

If it’s get too windy, head down to the Moon Bar on the 59th floor.

moon bar on the 59th floor

There’s a tree out in the open on the 59th floor. Must be the highest placed tree in Asia. (this comment is completely made out of no proof at all)

9. Finally

Bangkok is the place where I got this super nice dress from. :D

me posing with dress

You like?

me sipping green tea in fuji

Kop Khun Ka~


20 kissed Nicole

  1. 1) Looks like you got a nice tan now!

    2) Actually nice to see a Ronald McDonald that is unique to a certain country. Now all we need is to put an electronic voice in him so that he says "sawadee khrap" everyone someone comes along...

    3) What movie did you watch? And how did the documentation move you when you don't understand Thai?!

    4) What if it rains when you're at the Skybar?

    5) The dress is nice... Colour almost matches your hair. =)

  2. wah nicole.. so nice la , u alwiz can go traveling :P how much it cost for u to travel like that per trip to Bangkok? maybe will plan a trip myself end of this year too :D

  3. welcome back!!!!!!
    so much to see in Thailand....;)!!
    miss it...!
    I will be going back there to get my tattoo touch up soon.....hiak hiak hiak...

  4. Jess mannnnnn!!

    I wish I'm there!


    Good to hear from you Dear ;))

  5. you're an inspiration to many others.. coming from a humble asian background, having such courage and motivation to travel and share with us, you've paved the way to show us how to live a happier life.. thank you Nicole..

  6. Reading your entry of Bangkok urges me to go back to Bangkok as soon as tomorrow. I love Bangkok!

  7. hey nicole! try the pork spare ribs in Sizzlers. share it with a friend and it's not really expensive either. it's really awesome :)

  8. f*ck!! d*mn it!! when will i be able to clear up my stup1d study loan and plan my trips...bangkok bangkok bangkok.. 1st stop... haih...

  9. mizzpink842/5/08 8:55 PM

    Hi Nicole,
    Did u see any Gerbils at Chatukchak Market??


    ps> Lookin fwd to the Cambodia posts!

  10. It's really nice to see this post. It make me miss South East more ... Where is ur trip will be ?

  11. Wow... I want to go Bangkok now.

    I've been to Phuket two months before tsunami. didn't really enjoy myself there. :S

    But now, after seeing your entry, I feel like going to Bangkok. Hiak hiak..

    Thanks for sharing, Nicole :)

  12. what is that..? king crab..? *sigh~..

  13. u really must be boning Dino since u now SPECIFICALLY mention his gf!

  14. r u using canon ixus 860IS? can u tell me any special setting u used when taking photo at night? ISO setting etc..
    n i'll definitely visit the skybars n watch movie at least once when i'm goin 2 bangkok.. nice post~!

  15. minikangaroo4/5/08 2:26 AM

    nice now i know the name of the big market.

    on another note, it's not handbreaks...

  16. as long as you enjoy yourself...
    keep the pictures and updates coming... me likey.

  17. Ringo will surely love the cheesy fries and cheese popcorn.

  18. *sigh* been a long time since i visit ur blog and wah.. so many updates... =D took me some time to read all of them. i especially love tis post of yours cos.. of THAT absolutely adorable puppy!! omg.. i cant believe i didnt c that part of chatuchak.. T_T

    oh n btw, that dress is gorgeous and it fits u very well indeed.. =)

  19. Job well done.Please inform me your next destination.Thank you