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Short Note: My back is about to break, my butt sore like nuts. I can't believe I just sat through a 24 hours bus ride from KL to Bangkok! just before the Songkran Fest!!!!

Holy shit! I'm in Bangkok!!! Cheap massages here I come!!

Btw the three winners to dine at Tasting Room Contest are blogger William, blogger Su Ling and public winner Mei Yee. Congratulations guys. See you guys at dinner! :D

Internet browsing, who hasn’t done it before.

As a blogger, it’s what I do for a living. I breathe, live, sleep, excrete internet, if I can, I’ll make out with it.

Because of the need to browse the internet constantly, technology has advances itself to suit our need many times over.

Broadband, WAP, GPRS, Hotspot, Wireless system, wireless laptop, wifi PDA and now even wifi phone.

It’s only a matter of time before they come out with a wifi watch.

Oh wait, they already did.

Fine, it’s a detector. But it’s only a matter of time.

To think when I was in high school, broadband was a luxury.

me lei ka

Personally, I think the best ever digital merge was to combing mobile phone with internet.

Think about it.

We practically do things more than call and sms with our phones nowadays. Take photos, edit photos, listen to mp3, watch movie, play games, browse cinema showtimes (WAP), etc.

With internet, now we can blog, watch youtube, chat on MSN, google stuff and even download Edison porn pics.

Who needs that bulky laptop anyway. *pfft*

Nicolekiss will show you the many creative and ethical ways of mobile surfing through Maxis.

1. Analyse the stock market.

market share msn

This is actually brought up by a friend who has vast interest in finance. He checked the stock market every time he’s away from his PC.

2. Browse, check and book cinema tickets.

movie time
“Anyone watched Jumper yet?”

It’s genius, now I don’t need to be at home or at Starbucks to buy the movie tickets to avoid all the long queues in Mid Valley.

movie spoof

3. Always be prepared for the weather


Weather forecast can never be more portable. The weather-man can retire now.

4. Youtube/Read a blog

Youtubing is fun. Everyone loves youtubing. What better way to access random videos and watch funny jokes, or blog/comment on a blog from wherever, whenever you are. It’s easy, simple, and efficient!


Now if you wanna know how Sapa looks like, just youtube and check out what others do while they visit Vietnam. Who still reads blogs~ bah~

nicolekiss page

Yes, remember, it’s Do drop by whenever. :D

5. Download Lyrics (or MP3) to learn singing.

I actually have a friend who’s a Wing’s CafĂ© singer and there’s this one time he forgot to bring his lyrics, so he used his mobile and download the lyrics from the internet and sang from the mini screen of his phone. LOL

6. Romanticise your date with your dream girl

hungry couple

Just whip out your mobile and order Domino’s for immediate delivery.

Calling for orders spoils the mood. Mobile ordering is so much quieter.

7. Find your way out when you get lost

street navigation 2

“KL roads, I’m not afraid of you anymore!”

Mobile browsing can get as creative as you want it to be.

As much as we could enjoy the privileges of mobile surfing, there are, however, some not so ethical things you shouldn’t be doing with your mobile internet service.

Unethical Thing No. 1

Finding your way when you get lost while driving!

driving and using street navigator copy

Holding the phone to browse the street directory and driving at the same time is a STUPID STUPID thing to do. Do you have four eyes?!

Unethical Thing No. 2

Download porn Playing facebook in the class.

playing facebook in class_nokia.

It’s only ethical when you’re not caught. It’s wrong!

Unethical Thing No. 3

Chatting on mobile msn with your girlfriend during a date.

cheating boyfriend

Without your girlfriend knowing who you’re talking to.

Unethical Thing No. 4

The final and most most MOST unethical thing to use your phone to surf the net is

Reading other blogs other than

reading a beng blog_nokia

What? A Beng Blog? Who the hell?!


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  1. wow.. i'm the 1st..
    well, hav fun in hatyai~!! getting wet n dirty huh..
    take care, dun fell sick again like ur previous trip *touch wood* hope u'r well prepared this time.. can't wait 2 see ur next post..

  2. btw, this adv is meant for M*xis or N*kia? well, mobile surfing can be done by using any service provider what.. u shd hav mentioned what's so special to use M*xis for mobile surfing ma..
    n pls be PRO abit la.. dun simply cut'n'paste those screenshots from ur computer screen onto the phone screen, at least get a real phone, surf and show us how exactly YT/FB looked like on the phone ma, then only ppl will be amazed.. durrr~~ -_-"

  3. Yeah lots of things one can do. But we often find we don't have time to do. Furthermore some of us are more comfy with wider screens =) n my battery would die out really fast. KL to Thailand by bus? 24 hours? Whew~

  4. Jumper is nice... u really know how to save money during the trip.. i wonder whether i could sit on a bus for 24 hrs..anyway.. enjoy ur trip in bangkok.. post nice picture up..

  5. funny how....the first comment zachary sent was so "hi hi!!!" and the second comment was like insulting...contradicting...:/

  6. that's a crazy ride, but i can't believe u actually did it. i tried that but went further to cambodian borders. super boring ride, almost30 hours!!!!! i'm not going to try that again

  7. haha...i did the unethical thing no. 2 behind you in class but at least the thing i looked at after FB was!!

    so how have you been??

  8. Haha, I love the ending! :P

  9. ohh this is a great psot ;).

    don't worry there's more to come on mobile.

    BTW u should think about adding somethings also coz ur also in to Software Eng

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