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Chilling at the guesthouse looking into Burma separated by a river not wider than three cars, I have landed in Mae Sai, the most northern town in Thailand.

Stayed a night in Chiang Rai yesterday after leaving beautiful Chiang Mai. It's still very hot everyday. Might cross over to Burma/Mymmar for a walk tomorrow. :D

Here's Commercial break.

Let me impress you with a few interesting facts (which you probably you don’t know) is not a site about monster.

Despite of it’s weird yet uncommon look, I realized it does look cute after looking at it for a bit longer.

It is, however, the largest global online careers property site. In other words, a job hunting site.

What’s more, Monster worldwide is ranked among the top 25 most visited sites on the internet.

Are you impressed yet?

In China, it is the number 1 most visited career site with 15 million page views a day. Own the largest database of CVs in Europe (13 millions). And last year have visitors spending a total amount of 178 million hours on monster sites globally and more than 50,000 new resumes posted every single day.

That’s a lot of time and effort people spend looking for jobs.

It’s a huge market.

Well, in January 2008, Monster has come to Malaysia to eat up all human alive.

No really, but US based Number 1 most visited career site has decided to stretch its limbs into the Malaysian market and help Malaysians look for the jobs of their dreams; and to help employers look for their left and right arms.

monster page

Since it’s establishment, already has many large corporations signing up to get the best of Malaysia job hunting platform; HSBC, Atos Origin, Tyco, Maxis, Mitsubishi…etc.

Almost reminds me of Nuffnang in its initial stage.

nuffnang story

Look how far you guys have grown.

Never underestimate a new site, especially one with such an impressive background. You never know how big it can grow in a year’s time.

Hence, I decided to give it the site a try.

floor measurer
Hey, no harm trying right? :D

Surprisingly, and impressively, it did return me with few search results.

software testing engineer_fontless

Close enough. LOL.


10 kissed Nicole

  1. hey wow, didnt know that monster was that huge!

    but i still think jobstreet has the upper hand in malaysia, though in s.e.a they are losing out a bit.

    feel bad as werent they the first?

  2. and i tot the advert was a bank advert... like hong leong or sumtin like that. tsk... just prove how ignorant I am most of the times and despite my ignorance, i still couldnt be bother to click on it. ceeeeeeeeeeeh me! unless if it's on my blog den i'd check it out... come on ppl and boo me!

  3. floor measurer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >< LOLZ

  4. LOLz...any post for LOL doctor? cuz i wanna make everyone LOLz...heal all teh pain...make their problems disappear...i wish as fast as deleting computer files...sigh...why is life like that :( Enjoy your life & peace 2 all!

  5. Actually i just started a advice column...wonder if anyone will visit it...i wanna share problems with ppl...and wanna ppl to share problems wif me...hope so...peace & love, happy hearts & all that's well wif teh world!!! take care

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  8. hey LOLcat, are you a qualified consultant to provide such consultancy services? Even if it's for free providing advice is not something of a hobby, you must be experienced and qualified to do so!!


  9. I found it very usefull.