Zeus got angry that night

It was to be my last night in Vang Vieng, I wanted to go out, to party and hang out in bars on the island; but my body was saying no.

I got up, and crumbled back to my bed. Steadied myself up at arms length, and rolled sideways back into my blanket. The night was ever so enchanting,

night light 1

the music nearby was just so tempting and I didn’t want to waste another precious minute in this stupid fan hut.

I want to be out and about, dancing with my tubing mates I met that morning, drink till the cows come home and sing silly songs around the bonfire and maybe push someone into the river nearby. Maybe.

But I was too weak, and I knew it. I wasn’t ready to admit it, and fever was catching up.

*cough cough* ugh, I hate phlegm. You either want to spit them out or swallow them in. Both are considerably gross output. Ugh…

And then it happened.

*Groooonggggg* first it was a small lightning, then a loud thunder. Followed by another, and another.

I opened the door to have a peek outside, half a tree (or bush) flew by in front of me and I shut the door with such intensity and flung myself back into my blanket.

If that’s the wind before the storm, I didn’t want to hang around to find out what’s the storm like.

And before I knew it, everything in front of me went dark. Pitch black. For a moment there I thought I turned blind.

A black-out.

Great, just what I needed.

But I still want to go to the bar.


Maybe later when the storm stops..


OK fine fine! I’ll stay! Stop shouting!

I quivered in my blanket.

Everything around me was dark as a dark chocolate, but darker. I couldn’t even see my own fingers, nor the moonlight, nor anything else. It’s as though the whole town just experienced a major power cut (which I found out in the morning, it did).

It was bloody dark. And I even have the picture to prove it.



SEE?!!! It’s so dark even the watermark can’t be seen. That’s how dark it was that night!

Hence there’s only one thing one could do in the dark in the middle of the storm like this.


And slept I did.

In the middle of the night, something woke up me. The door was still shut, but I heard something scuffling nearby, over my books and bag next to me. I leapt from my bed and nearly screamed, but decided to look for my ipod and “borrow” its light to trace the source of the movement.

I was freaking out, terrified to find out the truth, what if it’s a human. Or a big rat, or a ghost! At this point I almost dropped my ipod.

Turned out, it was this little creature scratching the door wanting to get out.

ninja cat

God damn it ninja cat, you scared the day light out of me. And how did you get in here?!

Next morning, I stepped out to the calm morning it was outside.

carnage field
Except for the few fallen poles.

The grass was green and wet as ever, but something made me gasped.

corrupted hut

Holy shit! That could have been me?!!!

This is me with the hut I slept in.

me in front of hut

This is me next to the hut that crumbled two huts next to mine.

me next to crumbled hut

shattered hut

And I was pretty sure someone was in there when it crumbled.

interior of corrupted hut

Hope anyone that was in there was alright.

Zeus, next time when you asked me to stay in, I shall not test your power.


15 kissed Nicole

  1. How did you know it was Zeus? It could be Thor.

    On second thought, I just remembered that Zeus is kinda fond of young women...

  2. windwalker7/4/08 5:15 PM

    Luckily your hut is ok!!

  3. -___-" wat a descriptive way on Zeus... but heck KL wasnt dat good too these few days...b4 the clock strike 4-5 the sky is as dark as night already...thank god we hv the SMART tunnel or else KL would b 6ft under water...wahaha...

  4. It did missed you. Maybe you are destined to embark on this adventure after all~

  5. homg! that is one close call! thank God ur ok nic!

  6. Wow...
    That's really scary.

    Hope you get better, very very soon. :)

  7. Whoa.. I'm glad you're alright. It must've been scary being in a pitch dark room let alone hut on a stormy day.

  8. That was a nice, interesting hut to spend the night...before it collaspe

  9. Oh my gosh!!! Thank God u're ok.. >.<

    get well soon! I hate getting sick too so i absolutely understand how it's like. :S

    LOL. they cat's SOOOO adorable~~ :D Unique colour la. Ninja cat like u said. XD

  10. Hi wonder if anyone has asked you this but ur pics are really clear!What type of camera are you using?:)Thanks!

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  12. Ah!!! Scary. Thank god you're ok.

  13. Thanks god, you are ok. Be careful during your trip!

  14. that's riverside bungalows isn't it?

    I stayed there around Feb this year... Laos was a blast! Vang Vieng was awesome!

    Reading your blog entries kinda makes me wanna go back there... :P

    Anyway, I just started a blog on travel too.... check out my first entry on koh phangan's Full Moon Party...


    laters. ben.