Bangkok, again

Munching on my duty free blue crispy M&Ms which I bought at the border of Kayu Hitam connecting Malaysia and Thailand after my dinner indulging in my leftover Pad Thai which I couldn’t finish the night before in Soi 38, (Oh yes Zenhao I finished the damn thing, lol) I sat thinking to myself what else I can blog about Bangkok which I haven’t already.

I wonder why I keep coming back to this polluted, congested city. I never really like big cities, not the metropolitan girl I used to see myself as a year ago. But Bangkok is different. It’s more than a city.

siam paragon building

After all the places I have been to and fell in love with, Bangkok is like the subtle liking that appreciates itself into something more, almost love, or maybe it is. It was never love at first sight, no. I was here for work, then for leisure, it was hot and sweaty, dirty and crowded, reasons enough to put me off,

bangkok traffic

but somehow somewhere its charm crept its way into my heart. And I find myself coming back for more.

i'm a virgin old shirt
Don’t you just love shirts with quirky tag lines

Back to the night on the 11th, I arrived at the southern bus terminal of Bangkok a bit too late in the evening due to the major traffic jam around Bangkok. Many are leaving heading back home for Songkran festival (it’s balik kampong for them).

I’ve always preferred traveling on buses, anytime anywhere. It much cheaper, save on accommodation (when you travel overnight) and gives you a lot of time to think and finish reading that book you never seemed to be able to finish at home.

After three separately 4, 6 and 11 hours of bus rides in Laos, this time I took a RM60 (more expensive during Songkran Fest) 10 hour journey from KL to Hatyai

kayu hitam border

and another 750 baht (RM75) 13 hour journey from Hatyai to Bangkok.

Total amount to reach Bangkok: RM135
One way flight to Bangkok from KL on Airasia: RM219

Save: RM84
Wasted: One day
Gain: Finished a book, had enough sleep

After Laos, everything in Bangkok felt like a luxury. The bus felt like it’s made from heaven, aircond, spacious seat and steady ride, thank you god; the food, glorious; the people, smiley; the weather, Siam Paragon offers unlimited air-conditioning.

siam paragon

But to add chocolate syrup to chocolate sundae, it’s the Thai New Year today in Thailand so it couldn’t be a better time to be in Bangkok/Chiang Mai right now.

water guns
Some random guy with water gun in Chatukchak market, who shot me with water after this photo -.-

Enough chit-chatting, it’s 10pm now here and the party has begun out on the street! Songkran here I come!!

me ready for songkran

Who needs water gun when you have water bottles!! Grrrr!!!!


15 kissed Nicole

  1. must be fun out there.
    5 bottles not enough, at least 3 pails haha

  2. Which hotel u stayed in Bkk?
    How's the condition of the room?

  3. can u PLEASE teach me the secret to your wealth...u nvr stop traveling...*envious* XP
    more pics pls !i wanna c hw the festival looks like! Cheers !


  4. Mrs.Futtbucker14/4/08 12:54 AM


    Run away guys, run away !!

  5. I thinkshe use toothpaste

  6. philip: ya man!

    anon: come here and i'll tell you :D

    marcus: wealth? what wealth? I'm a poor traveller.

    mrs.futtbucker: HAHA!

    anon: no i use sun block! kakakaka!

  7. oh my gosh, i'm so jealous. i absolutely love bangkok, i fell in love with the place the first time i was there and i totally have to go back there soon. i love how cheap the fruits are (by the roadside mind you), the beautiful temples, friendly people and cheap bargains at the markets!!! truly a shopping paradise :) do enjoy festival, heard its really awesome and fun there.

  8. windwalker14/4/08 4:32 PM

    Wah, your face look really fierce after been applied with the paint/cream!

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  10. Hi Nicole,

    Just came across this article
    and thought of you :D

    May it help in your wanderings...

  11. Hey Nicole,
    you looked like a Kitty in the last photo.

    Go shred them with your claws after the water run out. =p

  12. Alamak, cannot la. Water bottle cannot fight with water gun, sure lose one!

  13. Bangkok~~ Been there. Siam Paragon is nice too. I like the toilet =X What?! it's reli nice n moden. and u know what, Siam Paragon is SO big that i got lost in it. Seriously. I got lost while trying to look for the loo. T_T a tad bit embarassin.

    I like almost everything abt bangkok except one thing. The horribly polluted air.. Grab a tissue and wet it a lil at the end of the day and wipe it against ur face. Tissue's surely will turn black.

  14. Are U virgin

  15. heya nicole

    envy u lah traveling so much haha.

    i like bangkok too and agree that somehow ppl always seem to go back to the city (of angels)! it has a certain charm-lah :)