Back from Mars, to Venus

After three days of constant high fever and coughing, my body finally couldn’t take it and I am forced to return to Malaysia for a week before heading off again to Thailand for the Songkran festival.

Hence taking a break from my travelling…. I am currently blogging live from the Venus Affair event in KLCC.

pink balloons

Those who are around the corner this moment can drop by to say hi. I’ll be the over-tanned girl with a laptop in jeans.

me with balloons

The maxis centre here is filled with my favourite colours, pink and white.

venus event

They’re giving out pink African daisies as well!

Collaboration with Dell, Canon and Asterspring, you can register for your very own Maxis broadband account while having a massage. How cool is that?


Maxis is having a 5 days event at the Maxis Centres in KLCC and Pavilion KL (today would be the last day) promoting about their latest addition to Maxis broadband power mobile.

jewellery box
Put inside the jewellery bos, it is just lovely.

A handy little device that allows you to connect to high speed broadband from just anywhere, just plug and play.

mobile modem

And you can connect to HSDPA (apparently it’s better than 3G, called the High Speed Maxis 3G) up to 3.6 Mbps (damn that’s faster than my broadband connection at home) from almost the entire Klang Valley.

coverage map

With almost no hassle at all, I was offered a trial with the modem and was connected to the internet in an instant.

input pin
Input pin

Everything just auto-run on its own.

connect window
Click connect

I was impressed.

maxis modem connect to laptop

Targeting the ladies mainly, the power mobile (of 3.6 Mpbs) comes at a fair rate of RM138 every month, if you’re a maxis postpaid user (which I am), you get a RM20 discount every month. Means you only need to pay RM118 per month, with one time activation fee of RM100 (deposit and registration fees waived).

Pretty cheap in my opinion.

Now all I need is to smuggle this little baby home.

pink balloon


17 kissed Nicole

  1. yikes.. back so soon?

    hmmm.. how are u feeling now? better?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. yeah.. i used the Maxis 3G broadband when I'm on the run during work (company property, we only take it when we go out).. it totally sucked on anywhere above 5th floor..

    changed to Celcom last week and tried it at my friend's place (12th floor).. it's not so fast, and difficult to connect to the MSN, but alot more stable than Maxis 3G..

  4. simple.. if u have a bad coverage on ur 012 at ur place, dun even hafta try.. it's using same coverage as mobile fon.. so, better check properly b4 u sign up..
    too bad i'm not in the country, otherwise i might drop by n say hi 2 u~~
    this time, remember 2 get some vaccine b4 u go ahead to those countries.. take care~!!

  5. I wonder do they hav it in Miri...

  6. I have heard many complaints about Maxis broadband, and I guess it really depends on where you are using it.

    Some places can be real slow, and others real fast.

  7. Get well soon and I look forward to more of your holiday postings!

    On the Maxis Broadband - CRAP! REAL CRAP! The idea of being connected anywhere with such a small device is extremely convinient but READ THE FINE DETAILS.

    You have to sign a contract for 2 years. If you wish to cancel the contract say after using it for 6 months, you will have to pay the remaining 18 months!

    Celcom has the same rulings but they have cleverly hidden the penalty cost, cant remember how.

    I am happy with WIFI spots and my home broadband coz you need not worry that you will be slapped with a helluva "fine" for a gimmick there creative marketers have out there.

    - Just my 2 cents -

  8. Hey Guys,

    Don't you get it. Nicole needs your support for the Maxi's 3G.

  9. Celcom does not have any contracts, can terminate anytime you want, but only on the package which does not provide the modem. You have to get your own modem.

  10. Anonymous, you are right. I remember about the Kotex post. She is advertising for them. But, why not? She get paid for it.
    Perhaps, she ain't really sick from the Laos trip. Just a detour. She came back to promote this KLCC event! Way to go girl!

  11. Wow, hook me up with that cool little thing that let you connects anywhere anytime! haha ... need it for the island :o


  12. Realgunners I experienced the same issue with my Maxi's.

  13. T.B. is rather popular in IndoChina. and it can habenation in yr lung for sometimes, especially when u travel among the poor people in stuffy environment . You can get infected when you are tired and in humid environment.
    Do go and check up properly, take care..

  14. hey nicole, completely unrelated to this post, but have you ever thought of being air courier?

    this way you can travel the world for free (air ticket-wise I suppose).

    just a thought!

  15. Wow woman, you look well already. Hope you already are. Looking forward to your upcoming world-conquest posts. Really admiring your doing it alone. Hope I'd have the same courage some time. Doesn't have to conquer the world, but I'd be happy if I can conquer Malaysia & surrounding countries like that :) Right now I've never even been to the movies alone *covers face in shame*. More power to ya! :) :) :)

  16. I glossed over your blog site and I really thought you're such a cool person. Your Laos trip looks so cool...especially tubing downriver. Take care and hope you get well soon - MichelleY

  17. We also have it in brunei under 85 a mth , for 4 yrs , u get a free dell laptop. ^^