The Dusun

I visited The Dusun quite some time back, so you could still see my long hair here.

It was one of those weekends where I wanted to break out of the norm routine and do something, away from KL. But since I wasn't planning on travelling at the time, The Dusun seems like the perfect close proximity getaway - rainforest, BBQ, nature and waterfall.


I was a little apprehensive to make the trip initially since (1) there's no air-conditioning, (2)open concept chalet + rainforest = mosquitoes and (3) there's no air-conditioning!

I could still bear the humidity, the heat (which isn't that bad considering it is a rainforest), but having mozzies and no air-conditioning was just like a suicide trip. Then I had a "what the hell" moment and went for it anyway.




I stayed in this pretty little elevated wooden chalet looking out to the forest, walking distance to the pool with the toilet right down the small staircase next to the outdoor kitchen. Instantly I felt like I was living in one of those Malay villages, I was just lacking a sarong.

They provided enough mosquito coils which I happily light up enough to nuke the place into a free-zone; however I did have to bear the initial stages of mozzie attack while the smoke worked its way around the chalet.

That didn't deter a giant bug from recklessly flying into the bed net causing quite a ruckus, which mainly involved lots of screaming and excessive involuntary swearings. *embarrassed*


No food's provided at The Dusun so you would have to come prepared. I managed to stop by the supermarket to pick up a day's supply of meat for the BBQ. The kitchen's pretty modern and comes equipped with all proper cooking basics: pans, pots, stove, cooking oil, seasonings, etc.
Though I did bring my own seasonings just in case.


Also, BBQ-ing in the evening can rid of the mosquitoes. Double win.


days of my long hair


The next morning it was raining lightly when I woke up and breakfast in form of local Nasi Lemak was provided added to the atmosphere. Rich petrichor in the woods was really well worth the RM500 per night, something us city folks just don't get that often.

I could smell, laze, eat my Nasi Lemak and read a book forever that morning. 


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