Arrival of Godiva - Winter Gold Hamster

I've always had commitment issues when it comes to personally owning a pet,. So far the pets I have owned have been taken care of by my love ones; even the tropical fish I once owned.

Mainly it's by my fear of taking care of another living thing and failing miserably.
Like my mom has always suggested, I can hardly take care of myself. :S

Then there's the travelling life I had been living in the past for many years. I was never in the same place long enough to keep in touch with a friend, how was I supposed to keep a pet alive?

Over the past three years, gradually, at least, I have toned down my travelling a whole lot; and was able to form stronger bonds with my couch at home. So was the story of the arrival of Godiva.

I got a new pet! Everybody, meet Godiva. 1 mth old Winter Gold hammy. #cute #cuteoverload #hamster #wintergold #godiva #pet

Yes she's small. But you have no idea how big of an impact this decision was for me. For the first time in my life, I have to take care of someone else other than me. To nurture it, feed it, love it and be there for it. It might not be much for most of you out there who have owned a pet since the age of 11; but THIS IS A HUGE DEAL FOR ME.

Godiva: Mommy, I'm shy. I don't want to take photos. *hide* *run* *twist*  #hammy #hamster #hammie #pet

Cute overload. Godiva is a girl... #wintergold #hamster #godiva #cute #cuteoverload #nofilter #noedit #nomakeup

So in love with this little furball. Grrrr... *cubit*

Winter gold hamster

Winter gold hamster

Winter gold hamster

Winter gold hamster

These photos were taken when Godiva was one month old.
She's this tiny winter gold hammy that's so damn adorable.
Right about this she's three weeks old and has this greyish/blackish hair spot growing out of her; I read online that it's caused by breeders breeding it with Winter Grey hamsters. :(

But she's still so adorable despite the grey patch and loving her indefinitely. I feel like I'm going to be a bad mother because I'm spoiling her so much already.

So far I've gotten her a running ball, an OVO home complete with a tiny house inside, a running wheel; other than hammy dry food, I also got her popcorn (that I popped for her every other day), pumpkin seeds, fruits, berries, grapes, bag of peanuts (solely for her)


3 kissed Nicole

  1. She's so cute!! But will she get much bigger when she grows up?

  2. awww so cute. I hope Godiva has a happy long life for a hamster.

  3. Wow, that is a cute little guy. The only "pet" that I have tried was fish....and they were too much responsibility for me...ha.