Lose a Dress Size with Liposonix

Off to beauty treatment in Bangsar in my lacey lace LBD. #asos #instafashion #fashion #ootd #lotd #outfitoftheday #outfit #lookoftheday #clozette

Last Thursday I visited Dr Alice Wellness Ageless Medispa in Bangsar for a treatment called Liposonix.

Just finished my #liposonix treatment. Dr Alice Ageless Wellness Medispa is so modern. The equipments are all new and fancy. Lots of new imported award winning technology to make you beautiful.

It's an USA FDA-approved non-surgical non-invasive treatment that targets fat layer underneath your skin, especially around the abdomen area, using ultrasound. It's said that you'll be able to lose one dress size after just one treatment, and all you need is just one treatment. You won't see the result immediately after the treatment, but you will gradually witness the result over the span the three months. 
So far Dr Alice is the first in KL to have this technology available in her clinic.


I made an appointment and took a taxi to her clinic located down the road from Bangsar Shopping Centre.

The nurse told me that I would feel heavy in the abdomen area the following day after the treatment, instead of heavy I heard "hairy". #fail

They also asked about my threshold of pain, I said very low. T_T
Then I requested for double dosage of pain killer but the nurse thought I was joking and laughed. T___T

I was brought to the changing room to change into this tube gown which I thought would make a very nice maternity dress. 

Getting ready for my #Liposonix treatment at Dr. Alice Wellness Ageless Medispa. Like my pretty gown? :p  The treatment is said to cost RM12,000 and you'd only require one session to drop a dress size around your tummy region.  That's amazing! #beauty #sl


Dr Alice than walked into the room with a marker and started drawing squares on my tummy. The first thing that came to thought was that it was going to be hard to wash those off. lol.

I was made to lie in bed in the treatment room for 45 minutes or so for the medicine to take effect; after they put some cream on my drawn tummy.

After about 30 minutes, I started to slur in my speech and was feeling slightly drowsy, Dr Alice walked in to talk to me at this point and it was tougher than usual to start a conversation. I remember slurring most of the time. lol. But she was very friendly, and despite being in her 50s, she looked like this.

Meet Dr Alice. My doctor who's gonna make me drop a dress size. She's really friendly and is a woman's woman; knows everything about being a woman. #liposonix

Damn hip looking right? With the glasses and the red dye hair and smokey eyes.


Wow. Nice hair. I don't remember seeing a doctor with such nice hair. But then I don't meet a lot of doctors like Alice.

The Liposonix machine.

Then she spoke to me more about her patients and liposonix and we laughed and joked a little to keep my edge off the treatment. I feel edgy about almost any sort of treatment, for fear that I would feel pain. T_T


The treatment lasted for about an hour. And 5 minutes of that hour I was in pain, like screaming madly in pain, 2 mins I was screeching and even teared. T_T
About 15 minutes of that hour was more like a shock or jerk of sudden pain, but bearable; the rest of the time I was completely fine, especially around the middle part, maybe I got more fat there to act as insulator. T____T
The girl who went with me did the treatment before and said she didn't feel much of anything when she was doing it. T______________T

I guess it's different with each individual; like period cramps. Some people feel like more than others. Why I so suay one (unlucky). T___T Period I also damn pain.

Thank god only one treatment is needed.

Floral thread. #coordinatetoday #lookoftheday #liposonix #outfitoftheday #ootd #lotd #outfit #clozette #missselfridge
Two days after treatment. No down-time at all. Can go out like normal. No scars no redness nothing. Just sore.....

I was asked to wear a corset for a week (optional), since I have one at home, I wore it whenever I remember. So far it's been four days and I wore it for two days. Will be more diligent to wear it everyday for the rest of the week.

I will see result in three weeks time, and then optimal result will be achieved in three months time. Maybe then I can wear a bikini. :D Need to do more squats to make up for the diminishing tummy.

Will keep you updated in three weeks time.


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