18 Most Instagrammable Food in Hong Kong (Complete List)

I've compiled the most legit list of must-eat instagram-worthy food in Hong Kong you can enjoy this summer.

Since I will be travelling to Hong Kong a little more often in the near future, I have organised a complete guide/list of Hong Kong's prettiest food for you instagram foodies out there (you're welcome).

1. Oddies Foodies

Let's start with the most notable Oddies Foodies, their signature combines Asian eggettes with Italian soft serve gelato. Take-out only so make sure you have a free hand to hold this with as you eat and explore Hong Kong.

2. Emack & Bolio's Hong Kong

Like its American counterparts, there's colourful sundaes and scoops of ice cream laden with your favourite toppings. The must have is of course to have it with a cone.

3. Butter Factory

Colourful and decorated donuts, each piece a work of art. Butter Factory comes out with new limited donuts every festival so be sure to catch their upcoming Christmas or Chinese New Year donuts.

4. Shari Shari Kakigori House 

Where there's summer, there's shaved ice. And where else to have Japanese shaved ice but Shari Shari  Kakigori House, one of the many shaved ice dessert places in Hong Kong.

5. Via Tokyo

I know I'm in Hong Kong but I'm going to Tokyo! Via Tokyo, that is. I heard this place has the best soft serve ever! I even heard it was better that Aqua S in Sydney and for me Aqua S dominates the soft serve game. But that all changed after today.. I hate to say it but this is the best F&%*#ng soft serve I have EVER had! So smooth (like ULTRA smooth) and creamy (rich AF), I'm telling you that soft serve didn't know what was coming for it. Every bite seemed to make me ravenous for more! I'm not sure I've ever eaten something so quickly! Seriously, Seriously, if you ever go to HK or if you live here and don't go to this place I promise you, you're missing out on the best soft serve in the world. I've had a lot of soft serve guys and Via Tokyo just murdered the game for me! 🙌🏽👍 #Hongkong #hk #hkfood #hkfoodie #foodblogger #icecream #viatokyo #aquas #matcha #hokkaido #bestfoodworld #feedyoursoull #beautifulcuisines #buzzfeast #eeeeeats #foooodieee #dailyfoodfeed #infatuation #cheatday #cheatmeal #foodporn #foodbeast #shoeporn #adidas #nmd #eattheworld #japanesefood #eatfamous #discoverhongkong
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It's a soft serve heaven. Other than the popular matcha soft serve, don't forget to try their equally famous charcoal soft serve and variety of aesthetically pleasing shaved ice desserts.


Order a cone layered with golden leaf because, you know, your instagram loves it.

7. Kala Toast

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Only video can show how gorgeously beautiful this rainbow cheese toast is. Can't call yourself an instagram foodie without trying a rainbow color food in Hong Kong.

8. Echigoya

While we're on rainbow color food, do check out Echigoya's rainbow shaved ice. Unlike other shaved ice, you can have this to-go.

9. ATUM Desserant

<🇭🇰食物藝術> 係ATUM Desserant 得到的唔止係味蕾的享受 更多的係視覺藝術 係食物與藝術的完美結合 黎到一定係叫佢的IMPROVISATION席前甜品 靚女甜品師係雲石枱鋪上膠枱布就馬上開始「畫畫」 首先用上四款醬作底層 紫薯 椰子 芒果 藍莓 再加上不同食材味道 豐富的口感 個人最中意既係一系列朱古力的配料 薄朱古力脆片 黑朱古力液態雪糕 同朱古力奶凍 可可味相當濃郁 餐廳絞盡腦汁加入不同的味道及質感 望住整個製作過程係相當享受 好似真係望住一幅畫誕生咁 有朋友生日黎係相當適合的👍🏻 📍ATUM Desserant @atumdesserant 銅鑼灣駱克道459至461號The L Square 16樓 🌎#iam銅鑼灣foodaholic #atum #atumdesserant #dessert #art #artwork #foodandart #artistic #food #foodie #foodpic #causewaybay #cwbfood #cwb #hongkong #hkfood #honkongfood #hongkongbirthday #birthday #hkig #美味しい #香港 #香港料理 #香港旅行 #料理 #アイス #チョコレート
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This art inspired dessert is definitely for sharing. Make sure you have a group, or at least a partner in crime when ordering at ATUM Desserant. The plating of each dessert can be overwhelming and the preparation/demonstration of the dessert is equally so.

10. Elephant Grounds

Only available on Fridays and Weekends, Elephant Grounds whip up good old classic cookie sandwich ice cream. If your friend doesn't like dessert, they also serve other savoury dishes.

11. Owl's Choux & Gelato

Want something a little fancier? Then get a choux pastry sandwich gelato at Owl's Choux. Their most popular is the Red Velvet Choux.

12. Yum Cha 

Moving on from ice cream and gelato, we have now arrived at aesthetically pleasing pastries. Starting with these adorable dim sum at Yum Cha. (Piggy bun is a char stew bao, little birdie is a baked pineapple puff, the dog sausage roll and googly eyes buns the molten custard of different flavours)

13. Social Place

Or these charcoal custard buns at Social Place. Be prepared to whip out HK$49 for three pieces.

14. Dim Sum Icon 

You can't go on an Instagram food hunt in Hong Kong without visiting Dim Sum Icon. Each visit is guaranteed a different theme. Sailor Moon fan can rejoice as this summer they are serving everything Sailor Moon related. From Luna and Artemis buns to the Sailors' har kao and chee cheong fan. Click on their instagram and be impressed.

15. Big Grains 

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A pastry shop that serves colourful croissants and whole red beans filled bagels, watch out for their eclairs, they're a work of art.

16. Cobo House by 2am:dessertbar 

A collaboration with Asia's Best Pastry Chef Janice Wong, who is also a founder of Singapore's original 2am:dessertbar, which showcases some familiar desserts if you have visited the shop in Singapore. Do try the signature Tsujirihei Green Tea Tart, Chocolate H2O and Cassis Plum (featured in Masterchef Australia).

17. Flamingo Bloom 

Finally down to the final two in the list. Drinks! Can't leave Hong Kong without sampling bubble tea. With the interior designed and built for Instagram, Flamingo Bloom serves their boba tea in a mini flamingo float. Instead of the usual black tea and green tea, you can customise your drink with floral teas and add fresh fruits or boba pearls.

18. Charles Tea Bar 茶理史

Want a classic bubble tea? No problem. Head to Charles Tea Bar and get your ombre shade bubble tea in different flavour.

That sums up my list. Be sure to go on a strict no-sugar diet after if you ever complete the list.


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