Model Search Diary: Fasting and Photoshoots

It's three weeks left to the finale and it seems that I'm not losing weight fast enough, so I've been suggested to go on a liquid fast for 3 days, then break for 2 days and on again.

Technically I'm not allowed to eat anything solid and only consume liquid during my fasting period, which usually consist of sugarless soya milk (yuck) and fruit juices (yum). The first day of my fast went by smoothly but the second day I felt dead tired, I slept the moment I got to the training base, with a swollen foot and a swollen neck (like a mumps).

Definite signs of lack of water, and some proposed lack of sodium, a.k.a. salt. So yes, by the end of the day, I sneaked some biscuits (which consist of sodium), and few other things, thus alas, my fast was broken. So much for determination. -,- but drastic moment calls for drastic measure. Cure fake mumps first, focus on getting rid of un-sightly fats later.

Not to mention it fits in with the current Ramadan period (I can't wait for Raya this sunday when I finally get my time off!! and break my soon-to-be-continued fast), and they say I'm not a religious person. Pfft.

Swollen foot, however, could be the cause of over-exertion; which to be honest, never in my adulthood have I worn 5-inch heels this consistent on such a regular long-hour basis. Bravo. Least to say dancing in them. Cue melodramatic songs.

On the brighter side of things, my photoshoots are covering photos which consisted of makeup looks I really liked lately. Brilliant. Despite the long wait every time there's a shoot, I actually anticipate whatever they slab on my face, fiddle with my hair and woila, I'm a new woman all over again. It sure takes the pain away from my foot and the fast; and the fact that there's never enough toilet space.

Here are some of the photos as a reward to your patience to my ramblings, some of which I'm sure I'm not even allowed to post, but heck, it's not full body so yea, whatever. :p

Beauty cover shoot Nicole Tan
the cover girl look

beauty shot Nicole Tan
beauty make up - my fav

Vier and I
Vier and I

oriental high fashion Nicolekiss
Oriental look, high fashion Nicole

trying on platinum blonde wig
trying on different wigs, same make ups.

White wig Nicolekiss
I do think white hair suits me, and that red lipstick. Yum~

Nicolekiss and Amanda
with Amanda, the most eccentric girl in the bunch. Love her. 


3 kissed Nicole

  1. "lack of sodium, a.k.a. sodium" you mean salt Nicole?

  2. I must say, very "hot" photos there. You could be a model...haha...

  3. i thought i saw tyra bank on your blog, so super model photo.

    :) you will be the winner. i have faith in you.