How to Save Your Cosmetic Powder Palette

Now that Raya break is almost over, so is my time being away from the camp. Tomorrow it would be back to fasting while the world goes on with their after Raya feast. Boo-hoo~

But before that, let me entertain you with a post of How-to. Something I've been wanting to do and haven't had the time so instead of out celebrating myself crazy, I took my raya break to fix up myself (in the way of 'nom nom nom'), catch up with girlfriends and saving my blusher palette.

coastal scents blush palette
Coastal Scents, all the way from the U S and A.

Basically, like most cosmetic users, once and twice you will encounter an accident where your powder palette breaks, or in my case, smashed into smithereens.

destroyed broken blush palette
ugly sight

How it happened was I placed my lovely lovely palette into my check-in luggage and next thing I know, I was greeted to a luggage of pink and brown shades. T_T
Now you know how those airport personnel handle your luggage.

Note I didn't use the term 'fix' which is the more popular word used on the internet. Because I didn't want to fix it. The problem with using alcohol to shape the broken palette back into a pressed form is that it loses its original texture, especially when said powder palette comes from a quality brand. As shared by another experienced user here.

So in this post, I'm teaching you a way to 'save' (instead of 'fix') your powder cosmetic palette when it breaks.

1. Obtain Air-tight Powder-tight Containers

I got this set from Daiso at RM5. A steal with two twist-able containers that has four compartments.

daiso pink containers

It even came with a spatula to scoop my blush powder in.

open containers

Remember to place a mat/newspaper underneath cause it's gonna get messy!

2. Transfer Content

Slowly scoop up all the now loose powder of your blusher (or compact pressed powder) into the containers, lightly pressed the powder down for more space, if you have a bigger container then this should be easy.

red blusher

3. Clean Palette with Fan Brush

Your palette should be a mess right now, especially for your other color palette. Notice from photos above how dark my highlight palette has gotten after getting mixed up with the other powder color.

Now for the magic trick: a fan brush.

DO NOT wipe it with a cloth. In fact, do not even brush it off with your usual powder brush. It will mess things up even more.

Get a fan brush, it looks like this.

fan brush
see how white the white powder palette looks like now (like new)

The function of this brush is to light remove excess powder on your face, especially eyeshadow that has fallen onto your cheeks whenever you apply eye makeup, without affecting your own makeup.

See how one swipe can clean off the palette and make it brand new again.

before cleaning with fan brush

after cleaning with fan brush

Slowly and lightly brush away all the excess powder left on the palette.


saved palette

Now I've saved my blusher and bronzer into these light containers that's travel-made-easy; and use them as loose powder, which works equally like a charm. Just tap off the excess when you swipe your brush across the powder.

cosmetic containers


4 kissed Nicole

  1. This is such a good tip!!! can use it "if" my palettes are broken. (hoping its not gonna happen) hehehe~~ thanks a lot!!!!

  2. thank you!! you should post about these stuff more often. i want to know your beauty secret =)

  3. Good tip!
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