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since I've been absent so I though I post a photo of me here to remind you of me. :p

I recently come across a singer locally whom I’ve come to fancy quite a fair bit.

The statement itself means a lot since this singer is, first, local, given that I’ve never really paid any attention to any singer despite how mainstream they get internationally; second, a malay, given that I hardly listens to Malay songs (in fact, I think I only ever listen to classical or jazz these days, must be the old age).

yuna zarai

I’ve got to know the existence of Yuna, or Yunalis Zarai, two years ago via a friend. She became a sensation on Myspace in 2006 and never looked back. Kinda like our very own Justin Bieber.

Her personality shone through to me was ironically not her singing, but her fashion sense.

Despite being conservative, young Yuna has a knack of putting pieces together and look good in it, maybe it’s her petite and slender frame, however the vibrancy of colors on her outfit choices stood her out among many others her age.

If you’re not already familiar with Yuna, then here are a few photos to prove my point.





Young, talented and totally fashionable; it’s no wonder she quickly became the soul of many young hearts in Malaysia.

When I found out she became the ambassador of Libresse – the sanitary pad, and filmed in some videos of her doing crazy stunts, I had to watch.

You can watch her commercial shoot here on and also the sequences of her shoot.

cubalah libressejump off

This girl is a dare-devil, I will never imagine myself jumping off a plane like that, regardless of how many trainings there are (regardless of how much you pay me -.- ).

The twist of the video comes when Yuna “asks me” to give her my phone number (well, in the video, at least) to help her choose an option between the two.

two more choices

And to my surprise, I literally have to give my phone number, to which “Yuna” really called me and I chose a number (of course it was all machine-recorded if one wasn’t so deluded).

handphone number

Pretty cool feature if you ask me.

So in the end I went to the other features hosted by other ambassadors and did the same thing all over again, you know, just to watch the videos in full.

It cuts clear by now that Libresse is something fun, something new; and we should always be tempted to try new things, instead of staying in our comfort zone. But most importantly, and to my delight, Libresse is a pad designed to FIT your buttocks and the curve of your bottom, with Deep Flow Channel (DFC) to trap all those ‘liquid’.

fold neatly
Haha I got it off the website. Visual aid. @-@

But I’m actually more interested in their panty-liners, since I use pantyliners every day. You know, for cleanliness. I’m lazy like that.

And apparently they’re very affordable. Ermm… shall I switch to Libresse now in support of Yuna. :p


This is how Libresse looks, in case you want to know.


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  1. Finally! A pad to FIT my buttocks! :) Thank you Nicole!

  2. Hi,

    Glad U are coming back!

    Yunas's song also cool & relax to listen..

    Check it out at

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  4. Yuna songs so relax n give inspiration