Dressing Up

lazy top

I haven’t had so much fun in a clothing store for a long time.

Visited MNG in Mid Valley hoping to win myself RM2000 worth of Mango clothes AND a magazine shoot with the Style Up Yourself contest.

style up yourself

You can join the contest at their participating outlets. You can find out the outlets and the rules & regulations on their FB page.
Hint: you need to like the page to be eligible for the contest too.

You can choose one or four styles: Casual, Jeans, Suits, Evening.

I’ve tried them all. Let me know what you think.

This is my chosen Casual style.

floral dress 2

This looks vintage and could look too mature on some but I think I pulled it off fairly well.

Thanks to my height, I always find MNG clothing just the right fit for me. Never too short, only adequate <3. Another way of wearing this dress.

floral print dress
Friend says I look like I’m stripping in this photo. -.-

floral dress 3

I like the drape-y look. Harrumph!

I’m quite happy and most satisfied with my Jeans style. It has my unique taste in it.

Instead of the usual blue jeans, I opted for MNG jeans in white!

jeans wear

Inside I’m wearing this lacy blue top with ruffles at the chest area.

lacy top 2
Mirror in the closet is very dirty. -.-

Then I wear a beige jacket with black trim over it.

jeans wear 3

jeans wear 4

I’m proud to say I carry off this pair of white jeans pretty well. ^^

For my Suit style, I went uptown girl.

I didn’t want anything dull and dark color and I definitely do not want a “suit” suit; by here I’m taking a risk assuming that when they mention Suit style they’re referring to formal wear; instead of a literal “suit”.

formal wear

When I saw this dress, I thought of wives of Upper East Side.

Very Charlotte of Sex and the City.

formal wear 2

It’s a very stylish formal wear for any formal functions or for work.

Lastly, the Dinner style.

Now I have a bit of a headache here since there weren’t much selection for long flowy dresses like they (MNG) had in their previous seasons; so I had to find something else for my dinner wear.

I found two.

The classic white, and the classic black.

First, the White Dinner dress.

white dinner wear

white dinner wear 2

This is actually skimpier in real life than it looks here. The fabric is very thin and light; but the flow creates a certain sexiness to it.

white dinner wear 3

white dinner wear 4

Then the Black Dinner dress.

black dinner wear

Surprisingly, this is a gorgeous piece of Little Black Dress. Not typically short but VERY sexy in real. Though it did make me look 3 years older than I’m supposed to.

black dinner wear 2

If I had to choose, I would choose the white dress as my choice for my Dinner style. Simply because it’s different, and it’s rather daring.

That’s all!

The first phase of the contest is already over, but if you want to join, the second phase of the contest will continue from tomorrow onwards, 12th April till 15th April. Once you get your photo taken by the MNG assistant (enquire about the contest when enter the outlet), you will find your photo on the MNG FB page and get your friends to vote for your photos! Don’t miss out!

Wait, I actually have one more Casual look I want to share which didn’t make it to my picks because it didn’t stand out as much as the rest. Though the dress was really lovely in real life, and on me.

sunday dress

I call it the Sunday Golf Club dress.

Or the Sunday Spring Picnic dress.

sunday dress 2

So which is your favourite?

Tell me, I’m dying to know.


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  2. I like the jeans+jacket outfit, and the "uptown girl" one! The jeans one looks stylish, and the other one sweet but classy.

  3. wow.. everything u wear also look cool!

  4. i like the white jeans.. and the first floral one..

  5. Love your Suit Style. The pop of colour is great and suits you well :)

  6. White dinner dress... ^_^v

  7. You like International Model who really gorgeous & beautiful & cool in whatever attire clothes you wear!