Starbucks Madrid

I love Starbucks.

Like Mcdonalds, I will always visit a Starbucks whenever I visit a new country.

You know, just to check out what's new on their menu in that country.

I spotted this in Starbucks in Madrid, Spain.

pot of chocolate starbucks

I can't remember the name but it looks like Pot de Creme. Basically it's a pot of really nice chocolate (cake? mousse? cream?). It's thick, rich and very very chocolate-y.

It's like discovering a hidden treasure in familiar land; such joy.

Super duper yummy. It's so good that I had it twice.

I only regretted that I didn't have more. :(

I tried looking for it in Seville after Madrid but they didn't serve it there. *pout*


3 kissed Nicole

  1. nice blog... and beautiful lady.. i like..

  2. i loves starbucks too :)

  3. Are you planning visiting Barcelona?