Yay more deals

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There’re a lot of sites offering great deals on restaurants, food and spa packages lately. Here’s one more to add to your favourite list.


Right now I’m ogling at this offer with the dangerously delicious-looking chicken dish from ah Tuan ee’s.

It’s so yummy looking I shouldn’t look at it!!!!

Have. To. Diet.

ah tuan ee deal

Doesn’t that just want you make you eat rendang now?
And you know how I was talking about Peking Duck (or Aromatic duck) a while ago in my London post. Well I’ve been craving for it since that blog post, is it a coincident that WeBuy is also having an offer on Cubes; the Chinese restaurant which also serves PEKING DUCK?!!

peking duck

I can get RM80 voucher for RM40, plus another RM20 for my next visit. That means with just RM40 I can already afford a while peking duck and more!

Can someone please bring me go eat Peking Duck NAOOOO!!! *drool*

I’ve already liked their page on FB. Come come, everyone “like” this page.

WeBuy.com.my also giveaways money and prizes to its users; so far they’ve given away an Ipad, and I’m hating the person who got the Gucci bag. Grrr….

love gucci

I don’t care if I missed it. I want it!

egyptian nicolekiss

And now they’re giving out free prize money to all their buyers based on the tiers they hit. The pool is RM203,000. So this means the more people click, the more you get, from RM3 to RM20.


Hey it’s free money. Just click! I wouldn’t mind.

All you need to do is submit your name and email bla bla…

Now I can go dream about my Peking duck.
And Gucci bag.


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  1. I enjoy duck roaster...

    Eat to live, not live to eat !! :)