Leaving on a Plane

I'm leaving Oman in two hours time. And somehow the excited has been shadowed by something that happened last night, and today.

I've actually written a really long and emotional post on it.

But despite my heart telling me to not think and publish it, to voice myself out despite all consequences and neglecting all respects to people who matter in this subject; my head once against told me to hold it against my tongue, or in this matter, my fingers.

Well, It's a short 6 hours flight to Oman. I have my book and gossip girls on my iPhone, but somehow I have a feeling that I don't really have the mood for either. I'll probably just to stick to work.

Till Oman.

In the mean time,


2 kissed Nicole

  1. have a good trip - just concentrate on meeting your good friend there and givine the gift :-) For the time being forget your worries and concentrate on the short immediate future. When you come back you can deal with whatever it is then.