Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Amazing Post - Wigs Galore

Short Note: Let's take a break from my Hat Yai trip. I've been busy with something lately and what I am about to show you is just a start. :)

You're in for a treat!

Weeks ago I obtained myself a few wigs, then I made a shopping spree out of my solo Taiwan trip, when I came back, I decided to arrange a photoshoot as part of .... something... I'm doing at the moment. I shall reveal that eventually, well let's hope soon.

popteen_ j_bookmarked

I've always had a lot of fun wearing wigs, but because I have such a massive amount of hair, it's hard to find wigs that are of quality to fit my head and hide the huge bundle of mane well.

Then I started thinning my hair so it won't be so thick, and when I went to HeadCoverZ shop, I discovered the correct way to wear your hair. I'll show you that next time, not in this post. This post, I'm going to show you the looks you can obtained with different kind of hairstyle.

Anyway, I had a lot fun doing the shoot at Reina Design's studio.

I had to lull my luggage over that day, stick with one make up look but different sort of hair, it was tiring and pretty taxing but it was worth it!

So here are the shots.

First I had the popteen look. Here are some of my fav shots.










I look like some pop star from a magazine. *shy*

Though as much as I like this hair, I found that my favourite wig was in fact the Korean Wave.

korean girl_d_bookmarked

Well you see, I have long hair all my life, and I never have the courage or motivation to actually cut it short, not to mention my baby wouldn't allow me anyway.

It was so refreshing when I finally "had" short hair.

It felt so.... breezy. And I kinda feel a bit boyish doing the shoot. Hehe.

korean girl_a_crop_bookmarked

korean girl_c_bookmarked

korean girl_g_bookmarked

korean girl_f_bookmarked
this looks like some phone ad. lol

My favourite shot of the Korean Wave is this:

korean girl_e_HDR_bookmarked

I'm surprised how little photoshop one needed when it comes to studio shots. Perhaps because I have really lost weight, I almost didn't do anything editing to my face, chin, body, legs, etc. Even the lights removed all my freckles and spots.

However, there was one problem. We only had one flash gun to work with during the shoot so in the end it was casting a lot of shadow on all the photos.

Editing these shadows out was a bitch. A BITCH!

And not only from the background, but from my face, my hands, in between my legs when I sit down, etc. urgh.

Next wig.

Here's another type of hair I've never had for a long time.

Black Hair. ha ha.


Nice isn't it. This was pretty refreshing too. Black hair on me, wasn't that bad. Eermmm...





My baby commented that these photos look like some music album cover. Do they?


black_trio 2_bookmarked

Now the last hair is actually a straight wig with bangs. Though I'd like to call it my Egyptian wig.


I used this hair to create two looks, I love the first one, so fluffy makes me feel like I'm in Alaska.



I even created a duet photos, which will be used in my recent project.



The other look without all those fluffiness.





All wigs obtained from HeadCoverZ in Bangsar, Jalan Telawi 2 (above KK mart).

You can view the rest of the photos in my flickr album.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Mini Sausage in Pancake - Just Two Baht!

Short Note: I've spent most of my weekend recuperating from a really successful Christmas dinner my baby and I hosted on Friday night AND screening though hundreds of photos carefully and putting them all together.

I never knew photo editing for studio shots can be so tiring. Urgh.

While in Hat Yai (yes we're still talking about it), Wendy and I stumbled upon a stall that was selling really... interesting snacks.

small eatery 6

I don't remember what it's called, but it's some sort of local snacks made of cocktail sausage wrapped in pancakes with various sauces, mince meat and a whole quail egg.

The price of these ranged from 2 baht to 5 baht each, depending on the ingredients (with or without sausage) and size.

small eatery stall

We saw some school girls crowding around waiting patiently for their ever cute pancake to be cooked by this Thai old lady, who took her time making sure her food was perfect in every way (yes she was slow).

small eatery 1

But the food was smelling so good from a mile away and looked so tantalising,

small eatery 2

We decided to join in the queue to order... well.. ONE.

small eatery 3

Frankly we just finished lunch and were still pretty stuffed, being small eaters, we opted for just one piece, just to try.

small eatery 4

I really wasn't sure what sauces she put in. Was that custard I saw she spread on those pancakes?!


The old lady then rolled them up into mini rolls and placed them one by one into paper bags, which she carefully passed to the young girl with, I swear, the most enthusiastic face on her face.

small eatery 5

Finally, it was our turn.

wendy and small eatery
well, technically it was Wendy's turn. Since she was the one who wanted to order it.

We had one big one, the 5 baht with the sausage in and all, instead of the small one that cost 2 baht. Splish splash of sauces and done!

wendy eating

I took a bite, and damn...

That's the best snack roll I have ever had for so long I couldn't even remember the last time I had a roll snack.

small eatery in hand
half cooked quail egg oozing out.


What the heck can I buy with 50 cents in Malaysia? Seriously.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

25 Baht Fish Spa in Hat Yai

The second day in Hat Yai, Wendy and I got out from our hotel around noon.

nicolekiss and wendy

just me

You know us girls, sleeping in chatting all night, etc.

wendy in bed

We stayed in JB hotel. It's a 3-4 star hotel, nothing fancy and it does the trick. Very affordable and clean.

We wanted to get some food and decided to walk around the neighbourhood to scout for potential lunch.

Passed by some stalls and saw more snacks.

snacks vendor stall

Wendy couldn't resist herself...

wendy and chocolate snack

Not sure what it's called, but it's some Thai chocolate snack that totally rocked our socks. I went back to buy like 5 packs later in the trip.

After what seemed like 20 minutes of walking and talking about boys, something caught my eye in the distance .

german pub hatyai

A German pub!

25 baht fish spa

With fish spa service!

And only 25 baht for 15 minutes! (That's RM2.50, cheap!!)

Girls do what girls do best, we went ahead.

me and wendy at a german pub

And I never thought I'd say this, but chilling in a German pub with your bare legs soaked in cool water full of fish nibbling up again you on a sunny afternoon while you have a girl talk was the most relaxing and enjoyable experience I ever had, with a girl I mean, most enjoyable experience I ever had with a girl.

hand in fish spa

wendy dipping

me dipping

colorful and my feet

wendy doing fish spa

Even better when it's with a beer.


All this for 25 baht + 70 baht (for beer), that's less than RM10.
Where else can you get an experience like that?

Like in the movie Zombieland where Emma Stone and Jesse Eisenberg (guy who acted as FB creator in The Social Network movie), Rule #32 - Enjoy the Little Things.

This was what described the best little things in life.

wendy drinking beer doing fish spa

me and wendy at fish spa

We ended our early afternoon over some Thai food at the bar.

wendy and fried rice

my lunch
My sandwich, rather sad looking but I aint complaining.

I know this is a cliche, but...

Beer = 70 Baht
Lunch = 75 baht
Fish Spa = 75 baht (45 mins)
A relaxing afternoon with best friend in Hat Yai and 25 baht fish spa = priceless.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

wendy beer and lunch

Don't forget to enjoy the little things. ;)

beer and finished lunch