Snack Hunting in Hat Yai

Shopping and more shopping...

and eating..

hair accessories

accessory items

food and snacks



It's what you can do in Hat Yai.

So why Hat Yai? When there's Bangkok, Phuket and so many more amazing places in Thailand that can offer more splendid things.

Well, for one, it's near, it's still cheap, it's considered out of the country, and see it as a quick fix for a short weekend if you needed an oversea holiday, pronto.

two siamese cats
oh look, Siamese cats.

Just a few kilometres from the border and people here speak different language already. Well almost. It's not unusual to find a vendor or two who speak Mandarin, Malay or Hokkien here.

The first thing I taught Wendy about visiting Thailand, anywhere in Thailand, was that you visit the supermarket, at least once.

Tesco, Carrefour, etc. It's here where you can find really cheap... erm.... snacks, that are usually rather pricey back home.

Pocky for example. Or seaweed snacks. Or even 'yakult-like' yogurt drinks.

You can find all of them selling at one third the price here in Thailand compared to back home.

So I brought Wendy to a Carrefour for some snacks hunting on our first night in Hat Yai

carrefour snacks

Like they say, if you want to shop, shop with style. Or something like that...

my snacks purchase


We spend over RM70? RM80? on snacks altogether. It didn't seem like a lot, but for that kind of money, you can buy a HELL LOT in Thailand.

I mean, one pocky is only averaging around 10 to 18 baht (less than RM2).

snacks on bed 2

Presenting... Our purchase of the night.

snacks on bed 2


nicole on bed with snacks

I could die and go to heaven d.


4 kissed Nicole

  1. i never buy so many snacks before

  2. that was your dinner? lol

  3. Oh my god, that is hell a lot of snacks!

  4. damn cheap there..80ringgit can buy so much snacks..